Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Entertainment insiders revealed to have used Big Hit Entertainment's name to commit fraud worth over 4 million USD


On November 14, one exclusive report by media outlet 'The Fact' revealed that various concert/stage production companies as well as other individuals were scammed by entertainment insiders illegally posing as Big Hit Entertainment affiliates. 

According to 'The Fact', various entertainment industry insiders led by individuals known as 'K' and 'D' approached various production companies within Korea, utilizing BTS's immense popularity overseas and requesting investment funds of over 5 billion KRW (~ 4 million USD). 

'K' and 'D's party is suspected of using forged documents containing Big Hit Entertainment's official logos and resembling many of the company's authentic branding in order to scam victims, leading them to believe that they were investing in BTS's upcoming concerts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc. 

Furthermore, one victim commented that 'K' was an individual who previously garnered attention for a major celebrity scandal in the past, related to the solicitation of illegal prostitution. The above mentioned scams continued to take place from February through October of this year, without detection from Big Hit Entertainment itself. Victims revealed that they signed a contract, promising to maintain secrecy regarding the investments and the fake concerts. 

A top actor known as 'A' is also under suspicion of having a part in the scams. Back in April, 'A' and his manager 'L' allegedly met various Chinese investors while attending BTS's concert in Thailand, and 'L' acted as if they were affiliated with Big Hit Entertainment, receiving investments of approximately 800 million KRW (~ 680,000 USD). In addition to investors from China, 'K' and 'D' also came in contact with various investors in Hong Kong who failed to realize until earlier this month that BTS's Hong Kong concert was a scam. These Hong Kong investors demanded their investment amount of approximately 1.1 billion KRW (~ 940,000 USD), but ultimately failed to reclaim their losses. 

When contacted about the above report, a representative from Big Hit Entertainment stated, "We did not learn about this 'fake document' until we received photos of them from entertainment reporters recently. The contracts depicted in the photos are fake documents, and have nothing to do with Big Hit Entertainment. When we confirm specific details of such crimes and damages caused by these crimes, we will take legal action." 

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Nicole33595,048 pts Wednesday, November 13, 2019 6
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wow not a good year for the Korean entertainment industry. I’m curious to know who this “top actor” is.


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amu_jane5,796 pts Wednesday, November 13, 2019 1
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Again this year has been shit for kpop and anyone who disagrees, you know where the door is


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