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Daesung's controversial building is undergoing deconstruction while the police plan to summon him for further investigation


Big Bang's Daesung's building which is amidst controversy regarding illegal business operations such as prostitution and drug trade, is currently under deconstruction. 

On November 17, it was reported that all floors except the first and fourth floors are undergoing demolition. Some floors were already completely ripped out without any traces. His building has one basement level floor and is eight stories high. Allegedly five floors had illegal businesses and said establishments were closed after the police started investigation this past July. 

As previously reported, the police have announced that they would be investigating for violations of health code laws, prostitution, drug usage, and more. So far, 45 individuals have been booked and 84 were interrogated. As Daesung was discharged from the military on November 10, the police plan to summon him as well for further investigation this month.

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GD_Amber1,408 pts 20 days ago 13
20 days ago

It was reported the illegal business was there since 2005... Many landlords came and went, nothing happened for 14 years, police "apparently" didn't knew about it. But suddenly when Daesung bought the building it's his fault, it's his business, it's him to blame? What a nice logic. Daesung owned illegal business even before he debut, even when he's age 15-16 years lol


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Blue2012374 pts 20 days ago 3
20 days ago

It doesn't matter now. All of the businesses that were doing anything illegal moved out months ago. Daesung is probably being called as a witness only. Daesung did his due diligence when he purchased the building by asking the previous owner. Daesung can't be held liable for the activities of others. They would have to prove he knew, which is notoriously difficult. Experts have already said nothing will happen to Daesung. He'll pay a fine at most, but probably not even that.


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