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Unpopular Opinions

  • BTS's music is going downhill

After 'Fake Love', BTS's music started now getting worse, just annoying and not good.

  • BTS is overrated

Why are they so important? Why do they seem so better? 

  • Somi isn't going to have the best success as being solo

She isn't doing well. 'Birthday' was a good song at first, but just got annoying after several listens. Somi is better off as a member in a girl group. 

    • Jennie isn't all that great

    Jennie is lacking. She lacked in dancing, making the whole group look bad. We arent hating on Jennie, we love her, just not her way of certain things. She has an attitude at times. 


    • Twice's concepts are great to a certain extent 

    Personally, Twice's concepts are great. I love how the concept fits them tbh. I wish they would change it up, but I think this fits Twice best, but we do need some sort of change. 

    • Foreign kpop idols can still be in kpop, but should be their-selves 

    Foreign people should be allowed to be in kpop without getting hated on. They also shouldnt have to change their-selves to make them feel loved or to fit in. 

    •  Stop bashing female idols for wearing somewhat "revealing" clothing but love when your male idol does something sexy

    You guys bash female idols for wearing short skirts and say its revealing but when your fav male idol does sum sexy you just LOVE it. It seriously the same scenario. This needs to stop


    • What makes BTS so different than other groups?

    Some armys act like BTS paved the way and is the best group ever and theyre so much better than any other group. What makes them different? How are they different? Every group has talent in their own way, no one is better than someone else.

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    3. TWICE
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    Monday, September 23, 2019

    This belongs in the forums



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    Monday, September 23, 2019

    Forums are that way👉👉👉



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