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'Produce X 101' now under investigation after more evidence shows voting manipulation took place

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On September 17th, Maeil Business reported that 'Produce X 101' has had their votes manipulated, not only on the final results, but they said it started as early as the 2nd episode.

They stated that the people had to choose between 11 trainees and the number of people that voted on episode 1 totaled to 223,179, which could be equally divided by 11, but for the next couple of episodes and rounds, the total amount of votes couldn't be equally divided by 11. 

The figure below shows the number of votes counted by realtime voting on the top, votes coming from the website in the middle, and votes from the app on the bottom.

After looking at it the votes counted from the website, in the middle, make it so the votes could be equal after dividing it from 11. Although the votes from realtime and from the app clearly show that the votes could not have been equal. 

And so after looking at this police have been notified about the recent discoveries and are now taking further investigations into Mnet seeing that they had to manipulate the votes for it to be equal.

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26 days ago

let's do this. i don't care how long the investigation takes, as long as there are consequences. mnet. is. guilty.


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Korine37 pts 26 days ago 2
26 days ago

Please take some actions after investigations, I really don't want this to be only talk. As much as I love my bias in X1, I'm aware he didn't deserve his spot, he didn't have any popularity before the finale, it was too much of a magical jump. I'm feeling upset for my faves that were screwed by Mnet


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