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Netizens wonder why Kim Woo Seok's thighs were photoshopped for his debut teaser


Netizens compared a particular photo of X1's Kim Woo Seok.

On an online community forum, netizens talked about how a part of Kim Woo Seok's legs seems to have been photoshopped. In Kim Woo Seok's teaser image (above), his right thigh appeared to be relatively thinner than the one shown in the behind-the-scenes video. 

The video, released on September 8, showed X1 members at the photo shoot for the jacket shooting for X1's debut album 'Emergency: Quantum Leap'. Shot from the same angle prior to digital editing, the the captured an image from the video (below) was posted on the forum to be compared with the teaser photo. The fans had noticed the difference and wondered why this edit was "even necessary".

Many commented how the original version in the video looks much more natural and, in part, blamed the photographers for making this edit. A few, however, preferred the teaser version.

Some comments include, "why did they have to do this to his thighs?", "I'm sure Kim Woo Seok didn't even ask for this edit, so why", "why did they have to?", "was this even necessary", "I like the original better", "no one has ever even commented on Kim Woo Seok's weight; why did they have to do this", "the original looks much more natural", "I actually like the edited teaser", "edited or not, the shorts that he's wearing doesn't really go well with him...", "Kim Woo Seok is already thin without the edit", "why do this to a fully grown male adult?"

What do you think of the edited image for the teaser?

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RVis282 pts 12 days ago 0
12 days ago

He’s already somewhat conscious of having super skinny legs, he said during produce x 101 he already needs the smallest sized pants. Do they really need to give him legs skinnier than many girl group members?

He has pretty long leg proportions too... Who decided this was necessary? Lol



kagayakugucci3,926 pts 12 days ago 8
12 days ago

Deciding to photoshop his thighs in such a manner has a vaguely pedophilic vibe, and I'm pretty sure it's intentional.


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