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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fan Spotlight: BTS '24/7=Serendipity (오,늘)' exhibition in Los Angeles, California


Despite their hiatus, BTS never lets their fans down. With the opening of their '24/7=Serendipity (오,늘) exhibition,' BTS gave fans opportunities to stay connected to their work and take a trip down memory lane through the years of the group's success. 

BTS created intentional lyrics and albums aimed towards sharing their love and adoration to the fans and reminding them to love themselves as they love BTS. For many people, BTS is a beacon of hope, love, and community. Fans from all over came to visit this exhibition in Los Angeles, California to get their hands on great merch, share memories, and spend time with their favorite boys. 

We interviewed some of the fans to get their perspective.

Abby & Annie

For Annie and Abby, BTS held them together during their roughest patches. Annie said that BTS came at a time when things were rough and that their message about loving yourself really resonated with both her and Abby. They also said that school hasn't always been the easiest and without BTS things would have been a lot worse. 

With life, school, work, and so many other things happening, life gets incredibly hard but with the love and messages that BTS shares through their music, many fans feel truly inspired. 


When asked about their journey listening to BTS, Diana said that she was inspired to love herself through the music and feels a lot happier because BTS reminds her to love herself like she loves others.


Tina started her journey with BTS after listening to the album "Tear". They went to the BBMA, the Staples Center, and Citi Field to watch the band live. She also loves "WINGS," "Spring Day," and "You Never Walk Alone". Although she started her journey as an ARMY a bit later, she stated that every album is unique and special to her.


Our final fan, Amanda also came to visit the exhibition and believes that "it is also an experience that only BTS and ARMYs will understand...We struggled and achieved success together. We found comfort and strength in one another. It truly showcases the sincerity and thoughtfulness of BTS. Walking through these exhibition halls is walking down a memory lane. So maybe the exhibition is meant for us ARMYs to keep hoping for more good days, and for more better days as long as we have each other."

The love for BTS is unending as is their love for us, comment below and share with us your journey with BTS and some of your favorite memories!

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LaniJ599 pts Tuesday, August 13, 2019 0
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

That's a thoughtful post. Final fan's paragraph must have resonated a lot with old armys that observed BTS' journey closely. So many times have those boys gotten ridiculed, ignored, blamed for things. They deserve the best and despite how some people may think that they already accomplished enough, real armys would beg to differ. Unless they truly become a household name, get multiple Grammys and hit songs on major charts around the world (not just albums) our job here isn't done; we barely getting started.



Makpop114 pts Tuesday, August 13, 2019 0
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I wish we had one in Melbourne Australia. All the main kpop related things happen in Sydney or America other than South Korea 😔



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