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Twice attracts over 41,000 fans to their first American tour


Twice demonstrated the status of K-pop top girl group by attracting about 41,000 fans in the first tour in America.

Twice conducted the American tour "TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019", starting on July 17 (all times below are US time) at The Forum, LA, then to Mexico (July 19), Newark (July 21), and Chicago (July 23).

The girls displayed their ticketing power when amassing a total of 41,000 concertgoers in 4 shows, specifically 12,000 people in LA, 10,000 people in Mexico City, 11,000 people in Newark and 8,000 people in Chicago. This achievement is even more meaningful since their first American tour was conducted without any special promotion.

Every time Twice's hits sounded, the audience responded passionately when singing along in unison and dancing to it. Outside the concert venue, fans queued up in a long line to buy the group's goods.

The audience made a touching event when changing the color of Candy Bong (the group's lightstick) to mint - the typical color of Mina - to send to her, who couldn't attend the tour because of her health problem.

Although they didn't have much time on stage because of the hectic schedule, the members still shared their hearts and interacted with the audience by English. Additionally, the group also sent their thanks and promises in response to fans' enthusiastic cheer, "Thank you for helping us stand on this stage. We will come back next year."

After the Newark concert, many local media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and MTV published relevant articles and showed their deep interest in Twice's first US tour.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the local atmosphere, "K-pop fans gathered at Newark, New Jersey's Prudential Center to take in a three-hour spectacle from Seoul superstars Twice." Billboard gave a positive review, "In 2015, TWICE arrived on the K-pop scene and sold more than 6 million albums since their debut -- but they have largely focused their touring efforts in Asia. This month, however, the “one in a million” girl group brought their TWICELIGHTS world tour to North America, showcased the diverse set of charms that have attracted fans from across the globe." MTV also reported, "K-pop stars Twice brought a kaleidoscope of color, confidence, and pride to their first U.S. tour."

After successfully wrapping up the first American tour, Twice will maintain the momentum of their 2019 world tour with the concert in Kuala Lumpur on August 17 and the 12-concert arena tour through 7 Japanese cities, starting with Hokkaido on October 23.

After releasing the Japanese single vol.4 "HAPPY HAPPY" on July 17, Twice went on to publish the single vol.5 "Breakthrough" on July 24.

Teanasia = Reporter Tae Yoona youyou@tenasia.co.kr

Photo provider = JYP Entertainment

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Atbash701 pts Friday, July 26, 2019 3
Friday, July 26, 2019

I was one of those 41k ppl. I went over to the Mex concert. Let me tell you about my experience.... Our girls sang and danced for 3 hours, Non STOP. I was literally 3 metters from the catwalk. The show started exactly at 7:30p , with tons of pictures of JYP Nation first. Then our girls appeard..... I was completely shocked. After following them, supporting them, I even went to Seoul at JYP to see if I was lucky to see them (but I saw Stray Kids and Lia from ITZY) strangely ..it was on Mexico when I met them for the first time. Mex ONCE were incredible. Our girls were really shocked about the energy of that concert. The first thing that I noticed when they came out was Dahyun. She really really sparkles. Her hair her attitude was incredible. My ultimate bias is Jijyo, and she really has the power and leadership but and in very very awesome way.... I cannot even explain it until you see her live on stage. Nayeon is sooooo gorgeous and she seemed so relaxed. Tzuyu is a princess, she was the first one that I got at 3 meters from me with a white dress. Jeongyeon is OMG, strong, beautiful, I would love to see her in a drama lol. Chaeyoung is tiny lmao but OMG she has that look of power, remember I saw them at 3 meters. Momo is our vitamin, literally her face sparkled with her black hair. Sana's eyes are the most impressive and tender from all of them. Before the show we were screaming Mina, Mina. The support from ONCE all over the world for her is amazing. The only bad part was the AC due it was pretty hot in there. I saw Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon a lil bit suffering for it. Jihyo and Momo danced alone a Taemin song and OMG, it is the most beautiful thing when you see it LIVE.The TWICE LIGHTS show is TOP CLASS. There is no way to describe it until YOU LIVE IT. But after the show and after seeing them deliver the most impressive performance, I thought......." my God, it's too much for our girls". The show must be at least 2 hours. They were 3 HOURS dancing singing LIVE. Theres a video of their spanish translater on youtube saying that she have worked with so many artists but she was amazed about their professionalism of TWICE, and that she spent a lot working with them due they wanted to connect with their fans in spanish and OMG they spoke a lot in spanish LMAO.

As ONCE myself since day 1...... the show is one of a kind, beautiful, TOP CLASS..... but it is too much for them. 3 HOURS singing and dancing live. And they have a huge Japan tour starting on Oct 23rd. I love the boss J Y Park but...... I am really concerned about our girls. Mina was the first one.... JYP Ent needs to chill it out.


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Kokokohei238 pts Friday, July 26, 2019 0
Friday, July 26, 2019

Congrats! They did that with no sponsors and no promotion! Twice doesnt generally appeal to the western audience, so the fact that their music is this popular to american fans is incredible!



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