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Athletic rookies and golf professionals can't help but fall in love with BTS V


It's known that many Korean and Chinese rookie idols chose BTS V as their role model because of his multiple talents, mainly singing, dancing and stage charisma which makes him "the idol of idols". But one might have missed the fact that V doesn't only attract idols, but also athletic rookies and professional golf players.

1- Yang Ye-bin

Known as "Kim Yuna of Atheltics", Ye-bin is a 15 years old promised athelete who swept medals in all competitions. She has been training very hard because her coach  promised her to get her a BTS concert ticket. When asked about her favourite BTS member, she replied "I like V especially. i will play hard till I meet BTS V".

2- Shin Yubin

Nicknamed "Ping-Pong Genuis", Shin Yubin is the youngest tennis table player in the Korean national team ( 15 years old). She carries BTS photo on her backpack. She said while smiling brightly "Well, I like BTS. I'm a big fan of V".

3- Gina Kim 

Gina Kim is a 19 years old Korean-American golf player who became the best amateur at the U.S. Women's Open on South California. She said she's crazy about BTS. She likes V and (Jungkook) the most because "they are good at singing, dancing, and just everything".

4- Sakura Koiwai

Sakura Koiwai is a 21 years old Japanse golf player who snatched many awards like Dare award and GTPA Rookie of the year in 2018, and One of Team Japan’s most consistent performers. When asked about her favourite Kpop group, she answered "I'm a fan of BTS and I especially like V, tete".

What these girls share in common is the love and admiration of what they do and the determination and hard work to show great sides of them, and BTS V might be the best role model to inspire them to excel in their field.

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    Ricu3,930 pts Monday, July 15, 2019 4
    Monday, July 15, 2019

    V is such an awesome artist and person with a very big heart, people just fall for him ♥

    It's so sweet that he is her motivation! I hope she gets to meet him one day ^^


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    Zima246 pts Monday, July 15, 2019 1
    Monday, July 15, 2019

    Taehyung is amazing


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