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Lai Kuan Lin talks about relying on his hyungs to combat loneliness + his love for historical war stories


Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin posed for a stylish summer pictorial with 'Allure' magazine's July issue!

Displaying professionalism as well as youthful energy in his colorful, cool-tone pictorial Lai Kuan Lin opened up about his solo promotions as an idol and as an actor in his interview. Recently, the idol successfully wrapped up his 1st Asia fan meeting tour, also stopping in his home country of Taiwan. Did he get to spend time with his family while there? "I couldn't stay long due to my schedules, so we just had dinner, but it was still fun," he replied. 

When asked about feeling lonely due to the fact that he's living in a foreign country, Lai Kuan Lin maturely responded, "It's okay because it's the road that I chose. Even if I do get lonely, I wouldn't tell my family. Because then they'll worry about me. I don't have many friends my age, but I have a lot of hyungs. I consult my Wanna One, Pentagon, and BTOB hyungs about my problems, so I'm not lonely." 

Where did Lai Kuan Lin's strong mindset originate? He answered, "From various experiences. Not just ones I've had, but also from stories people have told me, or from the stories I've read in classic, historical texts. I try to picture those stories, and try to see how I should act in particular situations. And then those experiences also build up and add more knowledge." Lai Kuan Lin went on to express his love for classic historical tales like 'The Records of the Three Kingdoms', or 'The Art of War', with, "Those books may be about war, but the lessons in them don't necessarily only apply in battle. You can apply them when you're conversing with others or getting along with them."

The idol then named his favorite historical figure as 'Guan Yu' from 'The Records of the Three Kingdoms', adding, "If I were in that story, I would just stand behind Guan Yu all the time (Laughter)." Does Lai Kuan Lin want to become like Guan Yu when he's older? "I think if I want to become a good father some day, I should. But for now, maybe I'm Zhuge Liang? Or no, I'll just be Lai Kuan Lin." 

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