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Australian talk show '20 to One' under fire for racist and disrespectful comments towards BTS


Racism is an unfortunate but prevalent part of general popular media but ARMY have shown that they will not condone it at all. Australian TV Show '20 to One' made an unfortunate and incredibly tone-deaf mistake by airing an openly condescending and rude segment regarding BTS.

Not only was the segment openly racist and xenophobic, but it was also belittling to not just BTS but Koreans and ARMY as well.Hosts and comedians talked about BTS in a way that was incredibly derogatory. Some choice comments out of a number of problematic ones included: 

"Kim Jong Un is well into boy bands."

"The biggest band you've never heard."

"The South Korean One Direction...Yeah never heard of them"

"When I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried. So I guess it could have been worse. But not much worse." 

One host even went so far as to belittle RM's speech at the UN saying he probably talked about hair products. The segment also commented on ARMY's "craziness" as well. 

Fans are not happy and are expressing their disgust and disappointment on Twitter. 

Instead of apologizing, host Alex Williamson went so far as to defend the segment and openly mock ARMY, saying "Shut the f*** up c*** it ain't racist they just don't give a f*** about boy bands who are designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14yo's. I'll always revel in the genuine talents of South Korean professors such as Cheon Jinwoo. F*** these c****."

He also joked about joining BTS, saying "After careful consideration, I am hereby nominating myself to be the 8th member of BTS, thankyou for your unwavering support. I will make you c**** proud with my generic vocals xoxox good night."

This isn't the first time the show has openly shown racism to Korean pop stars. They had also previously aired an untrue segment regarding finding drugs in BLACKPINK's dressing room. What are your thoughts on this? 

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borahae5,095 pts Wednesday, June 19, 2019 17
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

when you have no other talent than belittle someone who is much more successful that you'll ever be, imply all fans are 14 years old and then call these children "c**t", you are basically screaming "I got a microD".


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YesungStan690 pts Wednesday, June 19, 2019 10
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Some people need to be educated. With a punch in the face. With a chair.


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