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Reputable China Media heavily criticized for releasing misleading article about group orders made by BTS members fanbases


On May, 20 BTS Jungkook's Chinese fanbase "Baidu Jungkook Bar" has broken the record of all-time
highest number of album mass-purchases ever made  with a number of group orders of 166.200  showing the power of Jungkook individual fandom presence in China. 

Including this year, Baidu Jungkook Bar has maintained the position of the highest album purchasing fanbase in BTS for the past four years.

Despite the remarkable result, the reputable China media Global Times reported on May, 21 that it is the V's Baidu fan base to hold the highest record triggering fans all over the world asking to correct (rightly) the misleading article 

Some of the comments: 

"Yes this is true congrats to V's fan club but Jungkook's Baidu fan club in china had purchased 166,200 copies and so sets a record for #1 fan club"

"Chinese fans bought a lot of albums to support BTS and this isn't how fans should be disrespected. As a verified account and representation of English-Chinese news source, you need to fix this immediately.
Please also update or DELETE this article"
"That's not true, it's not the most albums by a single fan club in China. BTS Jungkook's Baidu fan club had purchased 166 K copies in Monday"

One of the principles of the journalism is as follows:

"The journalist promptly and accurately corrects his errors or inaccuracies, in accordance with the duty of rectification in the ways established by law, and favors the possibility of replication."

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    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Really? What is the big fuss? It's just a mistake, get over it.


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    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Why does it matter that much tho? I don't think it triggered all armys, more like JK solo stans.


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