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Hyorin's label to take legal action against netizen who posted bullying rumors online


Hyorin's label Bridge Official has issued a second statement against a netizen online who earlier on May 26, claimed that Hyorin bullied them in middle school for over 3 years. 

When Bridge released its first statement sharing intentions to meet the netizen in person in order to discuss the issue, the netizen posted another refutal online, declaring that they prepare "an apology over the phone"

Now, Bridge has stated regarding the above situation as follows:

"We would like to share our additional stance regarding the rumors currently being spread about Hyorin. 

First, we feel great regret that media outlets would not hesitate to report on such unconfirmed stories only after one individual who claims him/herself is a victim spread one-sided assertions online.

The original post which claimed that it contained evidence of Hyorin's school bullying days, has now been deleted without any warning. 

We also feel great bitterness at this current situation, where things have blown up out of proportion due to one person's decision to post on a public community and cause all kinds of suspicions, controversies, and rumors to fester so easily among unnamed individuals; then, afterward, for the person to simply delete the original post, demanding an apology in return.

With their unconfirmed, one-sided assertions, this individual has severely damaged the image and integrity of an artist with a career of over 10-years in the entertainment industry, also inflicting significant damage on Hyorin's promotions.

Hyorin has no intention to avoid these ongoing circumstances, and the label also feels that we must demand responsibility from the original poster for this unbearable humiliation and defamation of character.

If they attempt to persuade the media in their favor even further simply due to the fact that our artist is a celebrity, we will respond all the more strongly with legal action. We once again apologize to those who care for Hyorin for causing unwanted concerns."
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trogdorthe8th7,407 pts Sunday, May 26, 2019 4
Sunday, May 26, 2019

But that's the part that makes no sense. If she knew from the beginning that she wasn't a bully, why wouldn't she first say that and then immediately declare that she would be taking legal action. How do you go from "Oh I don't remember, it's been 15 years" to lawsuit only AFTER they delete their first post- which the OP had promised to do if she would contact her privately to apologize. Something stinks here, if you're innocent it wouldn't take you this long and that many false starts to finally go forward with a defamation suit. It only makes it seem like she's trying to further intimidate her victim into silence and make them seem unreliable.


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DTRT7,234 pts Sunday, May 26, 2019 18
Sunday, May 26, 2019

And through all of this Hyorin has never once said "I never bullied anyone".

Only "I can't remember".

Why is it so difficult for Hyorin to say "I never bullied someone for 3 years"?

Hyorin's story keeps changing. It makes her look extremely shady.


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