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Hyolyn Bullying Accusations


I will just come out and say this because I don't understand a lot of what is being posted.

Bullying is wrong no matter how light or how long ago, it is wrong period. I do not agree with those who are saying the bullied is at fault for someone bullying them. I will also not say that someone HAS TO GET OVER being bullied no matter how many years has passed. However, let's say if Hyolyn did indeed bully her, what reason would Hyolyn have to retain memories of a person she most likely did not care about her? The memories the bullied may retain after years is not as present in a would bully's mind. Unless in the case of sometimes people bully those they like or are jealous of (real preschool type of thing).

People are already confirming her as the bully without any proof of her doing so.

People (and the accuser) say that A has already tried reaching out to Hyolyn before for an apology.But when? And how? It is hard to reach out to a celebrity whether by email or DMs, it's not like they receive 1 email or 1 DM/per day. Most celebrities receive thousands, and companies get probably even more than that by businesses and idol hopefuls trying to make a deal/break, respectively. Then, after this accusation comes to the agency's attention, they refuse a request for a meet up.

I do think the answer of "I/We don't know" to be a weird response to accusations of any kind, but at the same time I do not think it is out of place. If someone would ask me to remember someone/something from over 15 years ago, I damn sure would not remember, hell I can barely remember what happened the last couple months, forget a year.

I can't really judge what someone may have did as a child when they are now an adult. I feel this cancel culture is so very toxic and it proves that either some people are not as loyal or understanding as they make themselves out to be or that they are honestly just vultures hopping from drama to drama calling for blood.

Bullying is such a difficult topic because while damaging, it is not the same as rape or murder. 

I see a lot of people who are confirming the accusation solely based on her alleged past as an ijin. That makes zero sense. Just like America, South Korea is BUILT upon alcohol and cigarettes, alcohol more so. In every movie, drama, near variety show, involves alcohol. Whether a person is happy, sad, mad, neutral, pensive, anything they are seen in the bar. With employee parties people are shown having a good time drinking with coworkers/socializing until late. So why be so surprised when it is so embedded in the culture. If kids are doing this, shouldn't adults fix themselves/source of problem before trying to demonize someone underage for drinking/smoking.

Coworkers drink and socialize and sometimes are rowdy after work

Teens drink and socialize and are rowdy after being in school all day

These two sentences above seem the same to me. Especially when one can admit that the pressures of school often cause a lot of suicides and depression. So just like adults who chose to unwind with alcohol/cigarettes, teens do it to. In America, even though the age to drink is 21, damn near every kid in America would have drank alcohol or smoked before that age. So is everyone some sort of gangster now because they rebelled against society's rule?

So basically i'm saying this is a difficult thing to think about, I do think the agency's response was weird (but maybe just cautious considering the cancel culture) but I also think the accuser reaching out in this manner is weird. After 15 years, it is weird.

It's just weird because people always associate what someone might have been to what they are right now. And that is bad.

In conclusion, if true, this could be handled offline  as supposedly all the accuser wants is an apology (I mean honestly she wouldn't have a case regardless) and the general people can mind their own damn business. If not true, then If I were Hyolyn, I would sue, period point blank.

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

1. It is certainly hard to remember many things from 15 years ago. However, if we haven't bullied anyone, we can confidently declare that. The fact that there's hesitance here to do so should be noted.

2. There is no concrete evidence of Hyolyn being a bully yet. That is a fact. But a thing to keep in mind is that lack of evidence doesn't inherently mean innocence (nor guilt obviously).

3. People want to complain about this not being settled privately, even though A tried, but the method wasn't good enough apparently, because A should have known that celebrities don't read most of their DMs. Ok, how is that A's problem? Seems to me that people are just making excuses for why A should have kept their mouth shut in the first place. As a general rule, victims don't owe their celebrity bullies to settle things in private to begin with.

4. Cancel culture is highly toxic and will eventually implode on itself. With all accusations, it's best to reserve judgement at least until the situation becomes relatively clearer. However, people also have the right to choose not to stan someone they don't feel is a good person, even if things they were accused of happened over a decade ago.

5. A is not refusing a meetup in and of itself. A is expressing that it's terrifying to hear an agency say that they will meet up with A, without asking A if that's something they wish first.

6. It is not weird for people to come out with their stories of abuse even decades after it had happened. There is currently a climate of celebrities being held accountable for their actions, and victims of bullying speaking up, so many can finally find the strength to say their piece only now.

7. With everything considered, the best thing to do is to reserve ones judgement and wait for more details in my opinion. At the very least, it is certainly far better than immediately jumping to accuse A of lying, call A horrible names for not keeping this private, and try to justify bullying itself because hey, it's Hyolyn so it's ok/it's been 15 years ago.


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Sunday, May 26, 2019

"Bullying is such a difficult topic because while damaging" - it is damaging, it is intentionally and repeatedly harming another person. And that's it. Actually not difficult. Just because something is not rape or murder, that doesn't mean it is acceptable or ok.

Also while it is true that we don't remember everything from our youth, bullying someone for an extended period of time is not something you just forget. If you never bullied someone in school because that's not how you treat people in general, then you would just say nope that didn't happen, even if the details are blurry.

The absolute normal thing to do in Korea whenever ANYTHING comes up is respond by suing or at least threatening to sue. The fact that Hyolin hasn't even mentioned that seems very telling...

Also the victim did not decline a request to meet - he/she is complaining that neither Hyolin nor her agency has even contacted her while making statements like that. Nobody asked her to meet. So either this is just a statement for her image or they have no intention to respectfully approach her but plan to intimidate her or something - that's what she seems afraid of.

We don't know enough yet but this seems not groundless.


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