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UPDATE: GOT7's Jackson trending 1st on Weibo Hot Search for 'Wang Jiaer responds to racist comment' + gained 140 MIO views and 33,000 comments!


On May 23, GOT7 members Jackson, Youngjae, and Jinyoung broadcasted on V live to interact with fans before their M Countdown comeback-stage for their newest release ECLIPSE.

While reading the comments a netizen commented, "So funny, when Jackson speaks in Korean still sounds Ching".

Allegedly its thought that Ching refers to Ching Chong, which is typically used by non-Asians towards Eastern Asians. 

Jackson handled the situation well and responded seriously, 

"You know what? No negative comments okay? Let's stay positive, let's show a lot of love. Let's love more than hate, alright?"

Since then Jackson is currently trending at #1 on Weibo hot search for "Wang Jiaer responds to racist comment"

This has caused people including Go Fridge, a Chinese variety program with Jackson as MC, to comment on this matter on Weibo.

"[WEIBO] 190523 Go Fridge

Let's embrace the world with a more positive attitude and more love like @JacksonWang852 does!

Hope that everyone can spend every day happily~ Goodnight"

The post trending has already gained 140 million views and 33.000 comments.

Weibo translations by @JacksonWGlobal

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JiDrew542 pts Thursday, May 23, 2019 9
Thursday, May 23, 2019

I swear the guy is literally one of the nicest guys in kpop. With or without character! Extra talented and he has little to no hate from anyone. Mark my words he's definetly gonna become a huge face in the music industry soon.


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KSmile11627 pts Thursday, May 23, 2019 0
Thursday, May 23, 2019

That's my boy! Always respectful and full of love! <3



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