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Yoon Ji Oh expresses gratitude for Jung Woo Sung and others' support on late actress Jang Jae Yeon's sexual assault case


Yoon Ji Oh expressed gratitude for Jung Woo Sung's support on late actress Jang Jae Yeon's sexual assault case

On April 23, Yoon Ji Oh shared messages of support from the actor on the 17th. Yoon Ji Oh is currently bringing light to Jang Jae Yeon's sexual assault case as a witness and in the public eye. The messages went as follows:

"Jung Woo Sung: Ji Oh, i was going to reply to your message earlier this afternoon, but I couldn't find it. I went through my Instagram again, and now I see it. I thought you might have deleted it, but it looks like it was an issue related to Facebook. I ended up seeing all the articles related to 'News Plaza', JTBC, 'Dark Vader', and your book concert.
Yoon Ji Oh: Hello. Thank you so much. You're the first actor to reply to my messages.
Jung Woo Sung: Not a problem. You don't have to thank me.
Yoon Ji Oh: I think that just your attention to this will make things uncomfortable to you or put you in danger. It only makes sense that I thank you.
Jung Woo Sung: There's no danger for me.
Yoon Ji Oh: I really liked your movie.
Jung Woo Sung: You're the one who endured the danger and overcome it. What I want to say first is that as an actor, I want to apologize for not knowing there were people who dreamed of being actors and went through that kind of pain.
Yoon Ji Oh: Because I was ignorant, weak, and young, there are actors who are probably going through a hard time. I'd like to be the one to apologize for stirring up confusion in the entertainment industry just because of one person like me."

Yoon Ji Oh also shared the post below:

"I'm mentioning people I'm thankful for today, and I'd like to sincerely express how thankful I am to actor Jung Woo Sung, who's been such a blessing and source of comfort. When everyone ignored me despite being a singer himself, Lee Kang Hee of D'avant protected me by filming me as a staff member. At the time, I didn't have secure shelter, protection, or a smart watch. I thought that recording myself with a camera 24 hours a day was a way of protecting myself. I'm so thankful to the 3 staff members who helped.

Kim Hyang Gi, who appeared as heroine Ji Woo in the movie 'Innocent Witness', and her Instagram like. Her one action gave me courage and moved me. As I was preparing for my book concert, I sent a few direct messages on Instagram to people in the entertainment industry, who I thought would have open minds. Everyone ignored me, criticized me, and looked away. Even my family, friends, and colleagues left. When the slander began and the malicious comments came, actor Jung Woo Sung offered a warm hand.

I don't think I'll ever forget him. Not even if I die. I've always thought of him as an honest, upright actor. He's changed my belief to trust. Due to hacking issues, I left him my number. Through texts and long phone calls, he touched me and gave me great courage. Jung Woo Sung told me, 'You have become someone like a cross and bell tower.' He's become someone so dignified and tried to understand how difficult and painful testifying is.

He also gave me the permission and honor to draw him at the exhibition that will be held in Coex in June. A few hours ago, I got an award from the Whistleblowers Foundation as a whistleblower and witness. A few reporters came, but I couldn't find any articles about my receiving a prize as a witness. Seeing a flood of articles critcizing me and also seeing my relatives and senior actors telling me to stop. I wondered what they were scared and embarrassed of, and whether they're people with solid beliefs. Now I can't accept them as colleagues or as family. It was my decision to live my life as a witness. Though they may not understand it, I want to ask them not to criticize it.

Not being able to eat or sleep much these days, every day has been going back and forth from heaven and hell. Still, I'm grateful for every day that has been given to me. I plan to continue on with even more strength and boldness.

Whether you rebuke, dislike, hate, insult, support, or encourage me, I want to let you all know you are all precious people who exist in this world. I want to thank and bless each of you. I will pray for you with tears every day."

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red_beryl4,065 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

She is so strong and brave, it's hard to fight for the truth and justice especially when everyone you thought would understand you turns their back on you.

JWS also keeps speaking on the refugee issue despite the public backlash it gets him, so he seems like a really decent person all around.



Realistdude112 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

I am hoping more can come out from this case, its like the burning sun issue is still used to cover this



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