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Go Jun Hee emphasizes she's also a victim and has no relation to Seungri's scandal


Actress Go Jun Hee emphasized her innocence. 

Following the 'The Its Know' episode on Burning Sun, rumors stated Go Jun Hee is the actress mentioned in the controversial chatroom with Seungri, Jonghun, and more. 

On April 1, Go Jun Hee shared a lengthy Instagram post on her innocence. She stated, "I'm carefully writing this post because I can no longer remain silent while my beloved family and fans are hurt by the nonsensical rumors."

The actress explained she didn't take action against the rumors at first because she had absolutely no relation to the scandal. However, things have blown up to the point where false information is circulating as if they're true and people are automatically believing she's part of the scandal. 

Go Jun Hee admits she is acquainted with Seungri as a peer and former labelmate. However, "The rumors stating I've attended or received a request for business-related occasions is not true." 

She added, "I'm frustrated and I want to actually ask if I'm really the actress they've mentioned in their KakaoTalk chat, and if so, why they mentioned me and if not, why they're not refuting the rumors when it's pointing me as that actress.'"

Go Jun Hee stated she has become the center of the rumors, and ultimately the 'victim.' The actress announced to take strong legal action against all false reports and rumors from now on. 

She said, "I pray my innocence clearly gets proven through the police investigation. Lastly, Go Jun Hee apologized for causing concerns. 

Prior to this, Go Jun Hee personally replied to netizens and denied the rumors. Her agency also denied the rumors claiming she was dropped from the upcoming drama 'Perfume' due to the issue. 

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Cutie888654 pts Monday, April 1, 2019 3
Monday, April 1, 2019

I thought the police already told people not to name call anymore, why they still doing so? Like these rumors are affecting their life and career.


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MENsplaining2,487 pts Monday, April 1, 2019 2
Monday, April 1, 2019

This id not about burning sun or Seungri. This id about bad reporters not doing their jobs and silly little brats on sites like this spreading rumors like they were facts. I do feel sorry that Seungri hasn't spoken up and said it isn't her but if he did things would probably get 1000 times worse for her. Whenever he says anything ther internet experts on here and other sites like this "know instantly" that he is defo lying. So even if her did speak up and defend her or wouldn't be believed and would actually make things much worse for her. I think it must be fun for some of the netizens to try to ruin the lives of people they have never met and will never meet. What a terrible way to spend your time. They should be ashamed as should the so called reporters who carelessly name people without any kind of proof.


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