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Full Report by MBC's 'News Desk' that reveals Eddy Kim was a member of Jung Joon Young's 'tokbang' chatroom + Roy Kim officially a suspect


Singer Eddy Kim has also been revealed to be a member of Jung Joon Young's controversial 'tokbang' chatroom where they shared illegal hidden camera videos.

According to a report by MBC's 'News Desk' on the 4th, the names of the 9 singers and a model who participated in the 'tokbang' chatroom were as follows:

1. Jung Joon Young

2. Seungri (Big Bang)

3. Roy Kim

4. Kangin (Super Junior)

5. Lee Jong Hyun (CNBlue)

6. Jung Jinwoon (2AM)

7. Yong Junhyung (Highlight)

8. Choi Jong Hoon (F.T Island)

9. Eddy Kim

10. Lee Chul Woo (model)

Eddy Kim's agency Mystic Entertainment spoke to various news outlets regarding the allegations and said, "We just saw the report that Eddy Kim was a member of Jung Joon Young's group chat and we're currently in the process of checking with him."

Earlier that day the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) had announced that they were investigating Jonghyun (CNBlue) and Junhyung (Highlight) only as references for participating in the 'tokbang' chatroom. The SMPA also revealed they had no plans to summon Jinwoon (2AM), Kangin (Super Junior), or Chulwoo (model) for investigation.

Another development that was revealed on April 4th by the SMPA is that Roy Kim is officially being investigated as a suspect for illegally distributing the illegal hidden camera videos shared in the chat. The singer was officially booked on the 4th for the charges.

According to MBC 'News Desk' there is a total of 23 katalk chatrooms that were used to share the illegal hidden camera videos by Seungri, Joon Young, and Junghoon (F.T Island). There is a total of 16 people involved in the 'tokbang' chatroom. Roy Kim was the 8th to be officially named a suspect.

UPDATE on April 4th KST: Mystic Entertainment just confirmed that Eddy Kim was indeed a member of the 'tokbang' chatroom.  Mystic announced, "Eddy Kim attended police questioning on March 31 and was investigated for about 2 hours. It's true Eddy Kim was part of the chatroom but it's confirmed he did not film illegal videos nor did he share them. Eddy Kim realized the seriousness of the situation and is deeply reflecting on his actions. We sincerely apologize for causing concerns."

Additional Source: SPOTV News

  1. Seungri
  2. Jonghyun
  3. Eddy Kim
  4. Jonghun
  5. Junhyung
  6. Jung Joon Young
  7. Roy Kim
  8. Kangin
  9. Jinwoon
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Tiger_Lily73 pts Thursday, April 4, 2019 18
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Even if Kangin, Jinwoon and Chul Woo did not share anything themselves, they watched the footages, made jokes about it and did not report anything to the authorities. There's really nothing to do about that..?


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itstmffk124 pts Thursday, April 4, 2019 6
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Choi Tae-Joon recently dropped out of his role in a drama. They said it's because the role was changed but he is known to be close to some of these guys. I think it's pretty suspicious. I won't be surprised if an article with his name breaks out.


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