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Dispatch questions 'Inkigayo' on BTS' omission from the ranking


Dispatch dived into the controversy surrounding the 'Inkigayo' ranking.

Back on April 12, BTS made their comeback with the album 'Map of the Soul Persona.' The boy group with their new title track "Boy With Luv" won first place on KBS' 'Music Bank' on April 19, and on MBC's 'Music Core' on April 20. However, they were not nominated for 1st place at SBS 'Inkigayo' on April 21. In fact, BTS was completely omitted from the ranking.

'Inkigayo' received criticism for unfairness, and fans demanded an explanation on how BTS failed to make it into the ranking. 

SBS stated to Dispatch, "BTS' album did not apply to the rankings of the third week of April. It'll start to apply next week." 

When asked why BTS was disqualified for the third week of April, SBS stated, "Each broadcast station has different ways of chart calculation. It's difficult to describe the detailed standards."

SBS continued to claim the calculation period did not fit with BTS' album release time. To this, Dispatch compared BTS to Black Pink and asked, "Isn't this unfair to BTS?"

Black Pink released "Kill This Love" on Friday, April 4 at 12 am KST. BTS released "Boy With Luv" two weeks later on Friday, April 21 at 6 pm KST. Both groups released new songs on Friday. The only difference is the release time. Black Pink entered the rankings, while BTS did not.

Regarding this, SBS said, "The algorithm for score calculation is very complex. There were unfitting parts for BTS. The reason why another artist (Black Pink) was able to enter the chart was that they met the qualifications for the chart calculations."

SBS also did not calculate BTS' SNS (YouTube) score for the April 21 episode.

"Kill This Love" reached 100 million views in 62 hours. "Boy With Luv" reached 100 million views in 37 hours and 37 minutes. BTS even made it onto the Guinness World Records for YouTube views. However, 'Inkigayo' did not calculate BTS' SNS score. On this, SBS stated, "There were parts that didn't qualify the ranking calculation period. We believed it'll be better to apply it to next week than this week."

Meanwhile, netizens are commenting, "Just call it 'YG Gayo.' So what are those 'qualifications'?" "Just say you wanted to give it to a YG group. It's because Black Pink wouldn't have any wins this time if not on here," "They just took out BTS from the ranking because Black Pink wouldn't be able to win," "Their explanation is nonsense. Taeyeon released on her song Sunday the 18th and made it into the ranking. It doesn't make sense how BTS was just completely omitted. They also know it doesn't make sense and that's why they're speaking gibberish."

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Ricu3,496 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 7
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

"The algorithm for score calculation is very complex"

"It's difficult to describe the detailed standards"

I don't really care about Inkigayo rankings, but can't they just explain it clearly?
"We believed it'll be better to apply it to next week than this week" - that doesn't make it sound like they have any firm algorithm, this statement sounds like they just didn't feel like including BTS.

Just be a little more transparent and specific with your statements if you don't wanna be criticized.


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MADclowns333 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 2
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Before blinks walk in here with their victim mentalities and illiteracy let me just make it clear for them. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR FAVES. People aren't out to get your faves. Them doing well is not a problem. The problem is YG's corruption, dirty manipulation and mediaplay.

Obviously something is wrong when 2 groups both release a track on a Friday, but only one of them is eligible for charting in their first week (#4). Not to mention Taeyeon was apparently eligible with a Sunday release (#23). There's no excuse or explanation, and this SHOULD be addressed cause who knows what else YG or Inkigayo or SBS gets away with? How many other artist wins or shows have they rigged? Ignoring corruption like this is another way of enabling it.

If you're fed up with the negative press Blackpink is getting from being indirectly involved in all these corruption/mediaplay critiques, then take it up with YG! Because they're the ones putting your faves in this position again and again. It's not kpop fans and it's not some dirty industry out to get your girls, it's YG. And this isn't anything new. 2nd gen stans will remember YG using some of the same dirty tactics on some of their other groups. But people are just fed up with it now.


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