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Unpopular KPop Opinions: Open Discussion


This is purely for everyone to share unpopular opinions regarding the kpop industry and it's fan bases without any hate and civil discussions.

My list of unpopular opinions:

1. Kpop songs are slowly becoming very repetitive and although very catchy and attract a lot of new fans - as a seasoned kfan, I prefer songs from 2017 and previously.

2. A lot of the new fans are simply for the trend and although it's good to gain new fans, some of them are really inconsiderate and disrespectful and are ultimately creating bad images of kfans for other international artist fan bases. (e.g : The Dolan Twins scandal, Blinks v ARMYS mocking the respective artists appearances etc.) It's not needed fr.

3. People are beginning to care more about MV views than artists' actual talents and stan them based on who has most popularity.

4. More and more fans are becoming saesangs and koreaboos and it's not cute when east asian people are made to be uncomfortable because they're being stared at by people wondering if they're korean or not.

5. Despite what each respective fandom may argue, all fandoms can be very disrespectful unnecessarily toward others and therefore acquiring the kfans bad reputations.

6. Newer idol groups are more like older seasoned groups and don't have much flair to themselves.

You don't have to agree with these, and you can openly voice your disagreements in the comments and I will respectfully acknowledge and respond. You may also drop your own unpopular opinions so we can have healthy discussions about these issues and try to work with them.

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    Queeeenie538 pts Sunday, February 17, 2019 3
    Sunday, February 17, 2019

    3. People are beginning to care more about MV views than artists' actual talents and stan them based on who has most popularity.

    Nearly everybody thinks this.

    My opinion on it is actually unpopular.

    People don't and will never stan someone just because they are popular.

    Fans of smaller groups can't understand why other people's opinions don't match their own and often find big fandoms too loud and overbearing to be a part of, so they simply dismiss that group by saying they don't deserve the love, often without knowing enough about the group to form an opinion on them in the first place.

    I think the anger is misplaced. You see, Kpop is a combination of a lot of things. Sometimes good songs with the potential to go big aren't packaged or promoted correctly, or people don't connect to their performance of the song, and the song gets lost in the sea of idol music, and that's sad, but let's not blame other fandoms for that. The music video views competition is a little bit silly but don't think for a second that those fans don't truly believe in the abilities of those artists.

    You can still dislike the group of course, we all have preferences, but I have come to believe each group has earned their fans in some way or another so I'm not going to disrespect them by saying they utterly don't deserve their spot . I try to find their strong points, even if I am not a stan.

    'I like X, unlike most people who like Y and Z, those groups are just sell outs, they're sooo overrated' 'I can't believe group X is more talented than everyone else in the industry but gets beaten on the charts by Y who can't even sing'

    This sentence turns up in every music conversation. I am guilty of it too sometimes.

    Nobody has ever said 'I stan this group because other people stan them'. People pride themselves in their ability to critique artists and discern the good from the mediocre.

    If other people's dedication for a group was the only factor for popularity then those groups would stay on top forever because their popularity would increase exponentially. It doesn't work like that.

    If anything people are less likely to become a 'stan' of popular groups because they've seen bad behaviour from some of their fans and don't want to be associated with them. I understand the feeling of wanting to root for the underdog as well.

    So many people come into these fandoms with comments like 'I was avoiding this group because they are everywhere and their fandom is too annoying but now I have seen them in these videos I understand why they're big '

    I don't think anyone will agree with me but I think the love yourself series was better than Wings, in terms of the music.


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    changminbaby6,749 pts Sunday, February 17, 2019 6
    Sunday, February 17, 2019

    the most disturbing things in kpop its fanwars: there is a lot of fanwars btw blinks, armys and exols.. everytime i open my twitter acc i find drama about this..and it looks like a lot of kpop fans are young or maybe just immature because mostly its kpop fans that are so into dramas and so into competitions its like they forget its about music they just want to bring someone's down.. and yes i heard about Dolan Twins and about what kpop fans did and i was speechless.. also its true about mocking the respective artists appearances, they mostly make fun of jimin and jhope, did you see the horse pic? they compared it to jhope and said that the lifespan of horses is short to not worry, im speechless people joke about something like that, and then the next day i find them making fun of jimin ,photoshopping his pic with a girl group and said all of them are girls, i dont find myself laughing its not even funny, and those two things just happened lately ,a lot of horrible things are posted frequently

    the other thing is that dating is like a taboo for idols in korea so its bothering too


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