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Police prevent the demolition of 'Burning Sun' club over concerns that executives might be destroying evidence


Police have prevented the demolition of club 'Burning Sun.'

According to the Chosun Ilbo, Burning Sun was in the process of demolishing the club when the Police intervened with the process. A police official spoke with media outlets on the 20thsaying,"We put astop on the demolition ofthe Le Meridien Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul (where Burning Sun rented space as a tenant) because we're concerned that the executives might be trying to destroy evidence, " he said.  

According to a report, the demolition work was already underway on the 18th, just one day after the club ceased operations on the 17th.  At the time, even the Police investigation team had not been made aware that the club had plans to demolish the space. In fact, only 4 days before closure, the Club had announced that they would be strengthening measures in the club VIP area, including adding more CCTV.  Yet 3 days later, they closed the club and immediately began demolition the next day.  

Netizens responded that it's simply absurd to demolish the Club so suddenly.  Not only has there been an arrest made so far, but unknown liquids and powder were also found at Chinese woman 'A's house who's suspected to be the drug distributor for the club. "Wow, I read demolish and immediately thought they're destroying evidence for sure, " netizens said.  "Something stinks too much. Some ten billion stores have closed down but none have been demolished nor so quickly." "From drugs, sexual assault, sex crimes, collusion, how many crimes have been committed? Yet they're trying to demolish the club so quickly?"

Earlier, Le Meridien Hotel notified the Police of the cancellation of the lease contract and sent proof of contents. In the meantime, Seoul Investigators are currently mulling over opening an investigation into Seungri, who was CEO at the club at the time the sexual assault controversies first broke. 

Stay tuned for updates.

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Are we supposed to believe that a fair & transparent investigation will be carried out?



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