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Which SM idols were coined by netizens as on track for the most 'Ideal K-Pop group member career'?


These two SM Entertainment idols are top candidates to be remembered for the most 'Ideal K-Pop group member career', as chosen by netizens!

First, the most likely SME female idol:

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, who debuted at age 19 as the leader of her group, garnered instant attention for her vocal skills and adorable personality. 

Girls' Generation then went on to become Korea's "#1 girl group" at the height of their popularity, sweeping all the awards at year-end ceremonies and setting all types of records. 

Fans believe that among the 9 original Girls' Generation members, Taeyeon also "boasts the biggest fandom as an individual member".

Not only did Taeyeon achieve successful results and popularity for her solo OST activities; 

But 9 years after debuting in Girls' Generation, she launched a solo singing career which became undoubtedly one of the most successful idol-group-member-gone-solo careers of all time. 

Despite her success as a solo artist, Taeyeon continued to promote actively as a member of Girls' Generation, without "becoming lazy" in her group activities or "abandoning the group"

Even after 12 years, many believe that Taeyeon still maintains significant popularity, general public recognition, and stardom, not to mention the sizable amount of overseas solo tours she has managed to carry out as a female artist. 

And now for the most likely male candidate to be remembered for the most 'Ideal K-Pop group member career':

SHINee's Taemin, who debuted at the age of 16. He gained instant stardom due to the fact that his highest level of education at the time was elementary school, but yet, he stood in the center of the group as the main dancer. Plus he was a super cute child. 

SHINee then went on to become huge K-Pop stars, with one of the biggest worldwide fandoms of any group during their peak success. 

Similar to Taeyeon, netizens are convinced that maknae Taemin "boasts the biggest fandom as an individual member" of SHINee. 

7 years after debuting as a member of SHINee, Taemin launched a unique solo singing career, immediately standing out among various male solo artists. It also helped that his vocal skills improved mountains in those 7 years after his debut. 

Also very much like Taeyeon, Taemin did not let his solo career get in the way of his SHINee promotions, as SHINee are still going strong after 11 years. 

Thanks to having debuted at a young age, Taemin is still just 27-years old, on par with many idols who debuted much later than him. 

As a result, the idol manages to maintain popularity, general public recognition, and stardom even in 2019, not to mention room to expand his horizon through solo overseas promotions.

Last but not least, Taeyeon and Taemin are two of the most named "idol role models" by hoobae groups in the 3rd generation and beyond, as well as candidates for all time "best idol vocalist" (Taeyeon) and all time "best idol dancer" (Taemin), years after their groups' peak popularity points.

After having read the arguments above, other fans commented, "They're both amazing when you put it like this. Plus, most members of Girls' Generation and SHINee have pretty steady solo careers, and after 10 years, that's really hard to do", "Agreed, if you want to have long careers, you need to be good at your fundamental talents like singing and dancing. I hope my idols have long careers like them~", "I always wonder what they do in their personal lives.. they've had little to zero scandals", "Agree to both! I hope they both have solo comebacks this year!", "Agree to these two, and add Kyuhyun in there~", "They're definitely model idols", "Exactly, so all we need now is for SM to keep doing their job~", "Taemin is only 27 years old 11 years after debut, that's srsly a scam kekekeke", and more. 

Can you think of some other likely candidates?

  1. Girls' Generation
  2. Taeyeon
  3. SHINee
  4. Taemin
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gabe0281 pts Thursday, January 17, 2019 2
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Both of them are anazing!Can't wait for Taemin’s upcoming solo comeback and world tour


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dizzcity2,114 pts Thursday, January 17, 2019 1
Thursday, January 17, 2019

BIGBANG member who wins most in life (successful solo career, lack of scandals, beautiful wife): Taeyang.

Most popular and well-known 2PM member: Taecyeon.

Conclusion: Naming your child Tae-something grants them success in life.


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Bolbbalgan4, BTOB, V, Crush, DEAN, Chen, Taeyeon, Heize, IU, offonoff, Baek Ye Rin
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