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Microdot revealed to have secretly contacted fraud victims and offered to pay principal back without interest and without inflation adjustment


Microdot's parents' creditors expressed their anger.

A few of the victims of the rapper's parents' fraud revealed that Microdot contacted them in secret and offered them to repay them the principal from 20 years ago without any interest or adjustment for inflation. Furious creditors said, "They borrowed tens and hundreds of millions during IMF, and I can't believe they're saying that they'll just pay back the principal now, 20 years later," and "It may be late, but shouldn't they come back to Korea, apologize sincerely, and be responsible in paying debts back?"

Currently, Microdot has gone MIA, and an arrest warrant for his parents is still active. His parents will be arrested the moment they step foot in Korea.

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Armyinthehouse137 pts Monday, January 14, 2019 3
Monday, January 14, 2019

I understand that they can be mad with the parents but the son did freaking nothing! And he is the one trying to pay, so at least they should be able to differentiate. They can say that it's not enough but those hateful manners and throwing him under the bus just because they are related it's not ok. I heard that in the north if you do something all your family pays, looks like their mentality fits more with that awful dictatorship than with a civic democratic society.


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shyloone112 pts Tuesday, January 15, 2019 0
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

they should be thankfull they getting any money, they should be thanking Microdot for offering to even pay back anything, not moaning about they want interest an apology from the parents, the parents aint stupid to go back to S Korea, why would they if they are going to get arrested, Poor Microdot is trying to do the good thing here, why the hell didnt these people come forward years ago with their complaint, no instead they see a son is making it big in S Korea, an they want it all, all their money plus interest an to damage a persons life who have fn nothing to do with this, he was only a little innocent child for f sakes, Microdot an his brothers need an apology from their parents too, not only you guys who were dumb enough to give so much money out in the first place so freely, now accept the bloody money from Microdot or get nothing



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