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Korean fans boycott DAY6's first reality show 'DAYOFF in Jeju' via 'V Live+'


Domestic fans of idol band DAY6, also known as My Days, have banded together from various communities to launch a fandom boycott against JYP Entertainment, for the "Continued absence of communication with DAY6's fandom"

As a consequence of the boycott, Korean My Days have banned any domestic fans' purchase and viewing of DAY6's first ever reality show, 'DAYOFF in Jeju' which recently premiered via 'V Live+'. 

Shortly after launching the boycott, #DAY6_Reality_boycott began trending on Twitter in Korea, as My Days continued to spread the word. 

In a fandom statement directed toward JYP Entertainment's 'Studio J', DAY6 fans wrote, "After DAY6's debut, DAY6's label JYP Entertainment and head office 'Studio J' has fostered fans' discontentments with constant absence of any communication with fans, as well as with poor management of its artist. On this day, we cannot sit idly by as the label continues to mock fans and mistreat its artists, including with the launch of DAY6's first ever reality through a small-traffic, paid platform with absolutely no prior advertisement or teasers, and so we state as follows." 

In summary, My Days' requests toward JYP Entertainment and Studio J through this boycott are:

1. Poor management of artists and schedules including too many solo concerts without rest, failure to notify fans of schedules, lack of music show promotions, album promotions, and events. 
2. Lack of professional procedure and severe insults toward fans during fan sign events, including staff members' laughter and mockery after reading fan letters or overhearing conversations with artists; excessive security searches, especially in chest areas;  poor management of lines which may result in dangers or injuries.
3. Zero feedback on any fan requests, despite fans' constant demands for change, improvements, etc. 

Finally, the statement reads, "Until we receive official feedback, we will continue to boycott DAYOFF in Jeju' via 'V Live+'." What do you think of the ongoing boycott?

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Blue821,849 pts Wednesday, January 16, 2019 1
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

That's actually a well thought out list. Usually things like this have lists that are messy or a bit selfish but in this case they really addressed the problems in a very careful and clear way. I do agree that Day6 doesn't get enough promotion from JYP and they do work a lot more than their label mates with the possible exception of Got7 who also work in a similar fashion. Day6 has very dedicated fans even though their fanbase isn't one of the biggest. They could encourage more social media interaction since at this point Jae carries that nearly entirely on his own. JYP doesn't give enough notice of concerts abroad either. I've missed their concerts twice because there was less notice for theirs than other groups. If JYP addresses these issues and improves on them it could really boost Day6 higher than they already are. The thing about security touching too much on the chest is concerning too. Sexual assault in S. Korea isn't treated as seriously as other places unless you are a high profile celebrity. This isn't the first or even second time security at various groups fans signs have been accused of inappropriate touching. JYP needs to start checking up on that before a parent has to step in and get the police involved.


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Indri_hapsari1,197 pts Wednesday, January 16, 2019 0
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

jyp i love u but please takes care day6 like u take care of twice



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