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Posted by hannahleex Wednesday, January 16, 2019

19 K-Pop stars who were famous before their debut


K-Pop idols are known for their great talent. In fact, tons of K-Pop idols began their music and acting careers even before they debuted. Here are just a few to check out! 

Red Velvet’s Wendy 

Red Velvet's Wendy showcased her talent early on. Before joining Red Velvet, Wendy had a YouTube channel where she uploaded covers of both K-Pop and English songs. 

Eric Nam 

Eric Nam’s past Youtube cover videos are simply iconic. In 2011, Eric posted a viral cover of 2NE1’s “Lonely,” landing him a spot on the Korean music program ‘Birth of a Great Star 2.’ 

iKON’s Bobby

iKON’s Bobby surprised hip-hop fans when he won ‘Show Me the Money Season 3’ even before he debuted. Through the program, he was able to gain widespread respect and recognition from fans everywhere. 


Before his debut, KARD's B.M uploaded freestyle dance videos on his Youtube channel, allowing fans to get a sneak peek of his excellent dancing skills. 

TWICE’s Dahyun

Long before she debuted as a member of TWICE, Dahyun performed an iconic Eagle dance at her church. The video instantly went viral!


Dara is the queen of the Philippines. She was already famous in the Philippines before she came to Korea – in fact, some people even say that there was no one who DIDN’T recognize her when she walked around in public!

CLC’s Elkie

CLC’s Elkie was active as a child actress in Hong Kong before she moved to Korea. She was even part of a C-Pop girl group called the Honey Bees! 

Big Bang’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon is well-known for his adorable child era. He was both a child actor and member of Little Roo’ra when he was 5 and made his rap debut at the age of 13. 

Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon has had some notable activities before she debuted. She was a background dancer for Janet Jackson and was also BoA’s silhouette dancer. 

Big Bang’s T.O.P

Not a lot of people know this, but Big Bang’s T.O.P was an underground rapper in the early 2000s. He showed off his rapping skills under the name Tempo. 

Super Junior’s Heechul and Kibum

Before they made their debut, two Super Junior members, Heechul and Kibum, were part of the main cast of ‘Banolim.’ This drama was extremely popular across all of Korea, and some schools even used it in their textbooks. 

Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician won hearts of fans when they made their appearance on ‘K-Pop Star Season 2.’ Their original song, “Don’t Cross Your Legs,” was one of the most popular songs for a while. 

WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon

WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon is another ‘K-Pop Star’ veteran. He appeared on the first season of the show, and even danced to JYP’s “I Have a Girlfriend.”

DAY6’s Jae

DAY6’s Jae also made lasting impressions through ‘K-Pop Star.’ Prior to joining DAY6, he gained attention as one of the six finalists during the first season. 

iKON’s Chanwoo and ASTRO’s Moonbin

iKON’s Chanwoo and ASTRO’s Moonbin were notable child actors in the K-entertainment industry. Before pursuing musical careers, they were the younger versions of the lead actors in ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ 

IZ*ONE’s Ahn Yujin

IZ*ONE’s Ahn Yujin was a CF queen before she made her appearance on ‘Produce 48.’ In fact, she was known as the contact lens girl. She has also appeared in multiple Starship music videos. 

2PM’s Nichkhun

Nichkhun is an undeniable Thai prince. He guested on ‘Superstar Survival,’ made appearances in countless magazines, and even acted in numerous CFs as a model. 

  1. Akdong Musician (AKMU)
  2. Moonbin
  3. T.O.P
  4. G-Dragon
  5. CLC
  6. Jae
  7. Eric Nam
  8. Hyoyeon
  9. Bobby
  10. Chanwoo
  11. IZ*ONE
  12. B.M
  13. Wendy
  14. Heechul
  15. Dahyun
  16. Lee Seung Hoon
  17. Dara
  18. Nichkhun
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Ohboy6914,903 pts Wednesday, January 16, 2019 4
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Your definition of famous is, in most cases, more than questionable.


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youaremyjhope0 pt Wednesday, January 16, 2019 1
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What about Zhong Chenle from NCT? Wasn't he a singer before he joined nct as well?


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