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Wanna One fans purchase then cancel first-class plane tickets to see the idols up close at the boarding gate

Wanna One
On November 12, over 200 fans with posters and cameras crowded the Incheon International Airport. The fans were there to see the members of Wanna One, who were flying to Thailand for a fan meeting.�

At the appearance of the idol stars, the fans went wild. Some even reportedly brought and climbed portable ladders to take pictures of Wanna One. The chase for the boys continued into the security area. Several fans have already completed security screening and were waiting for the boys near the boarding gate. These fans have purchased first-class plane tickets to get a closer view of Wanna One. However, they did not fly with the idol stars but left the boarding area after seeing them depart.�

A rep of Incheon International Airport stated, "Whenever there's a popular celebrity flying, there are sasaeng fans that purchase plane tickets and follow them into the boarding gate."

It's assumed that around 70 fans purchased plane tickets and followed Wanna One on the 12th.�

According to Incheon International Airport, from January to September, there were a total of 12,843 cases where a passenger did not fly after going through security screening and entering the boarding area.�

A rep stated, "It's not common for a passenger to cancel after entering the boarding area. These cases are most likely people who purchased tickets just to see celebrities."

Such incidents are apparent because cancelation fees on plane tickets are very low or completely nonexistent.�

Sasaeng fans in airports is a growing issue. A rep from Incheon International Airport showed concerns, stating,�"Complaints and safety issues are resulting from several fans' excessive actions."
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Jon666 (Banned)
Jon666 (Banned)3 pts Wednesday, November 14, 2018 0
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Some fans are really crazy.

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candye112733 pts Wednesday, November 14, 2018 0
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Crazy action like this is why Singapore government introduced the law that people who enter the departure area without the intention of actually departing are prosecuted. Be inspired, South Korea.

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