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JBJ95 discuss their completely opposite personalities, Christmas plans, learning Korean, + more in 'star1'

JBJ95, Takada Kenta, Kim Sang Kyun

JBJ95 met up with '@star1' magazine ahead of its December issue!

Alongside a gentle and playful phototoshoot, the two JBJ95 members had a casual and down-to-earth interview about their debut promotions. 

When asked about variety shows they would like to go on, Takada Kenta named 'Knowing Brothers' because he likes to talk. Kim Sang Kyun named 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook', which he enjoys watching. 

Next, the duo was asked about their chemistry with each other. Takada Kenta answered, "We have very different personalities and images, but these days I think we are growing similar to each other, probably because we're together 24/7. Recently, I wanted to text Sang Kyun to ask if he ate, but before I could he texted me the same thing. It was like our minds connected." Kim Sang Kyun added on, "It's true. We work very well together. Even though our personal tastes are complete opposites."

Takada Kenta named "In Dreams" as the song from JBJ95's debut album he has the most affection for, while Kim Sang Kyun expressed his affection for every single track, which he participated in through various processes. Regarding a Christmas gift JBJ95 would like to give fans, Takada Kenta chose a concert! Kim Sang Kyun said, "What if we made a Christmas cake by hand?"

Additionally, Takada Kenta discussed his possible Christmas plans with, "I think we may be having schedules. But after our schedules, I would still like to have a party in our dorm, with chicken and cola. It won't be as fun with just two, so I'll have to call the JBJ members!"

Takada Kenta, who chose studying Korean and reading as things he is currently obsessed with, also shared how difficult it was to act in Korean through web drama 'Barefoot Diva'. "At first, I had to translate the script into Japanese, instead of diving straight into memorization. Because there were that many words I didn't know the meanings of, so I struggled to just understand the story in general," Kenta explained. 

Finally, when asked about any secret weapons JBJ95 still have yet to reveal to their fans, Kenta stated, "Sang Kyun gained weight", while Kim Sang Kyun remarked, "My vocal talents?" As a lunch/dinner suggestion for readers, Kenta chose grilled mini octopus. Kim Sang Kyun went for a more moody option - tuna sashimi paired with "Whiskey And Morphine" by Alexander Jean. Check out JBJ95's full '@star1' pictorial below. 

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So happy things are working out for them! Miss my JBJ's

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