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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Tuesday, September 25, 2018

[MV & Album Review] Cosmic Girls – 'WJ PLEASE? / Save Me, Save You'

Cosmic Girls


Track List:

1. Save Me, Save You
2. You, You, You
3. I-YAH
4. Masquerade
5. Hurry Up
6. You & I

Cosmic Girls are back to brighten your universe once again with their newest EP "WJ Please!" The mini-album features six brand new tracks including the title track "Save Me, Save You," co-written by member Exy

The title track is "Save Me, Save You." It starts out quietly enough but gains momentum the longer the song plays. There are some cute rap-chants before the chorus, which fits really well with the rest of the tune. This is a great jam. "You, You, You" has some of that trademark cuteness that reminds me of the girls' earliest releases. Regardless, this is a definitely an awesome tune, I like this one almost as much as the title track. "I-YAH" has a wistful sound to it, reminding me a bit of a G-Friend tune. I like the breathless main verses, and the billowy chorus, not to mention the backward instrumental intro. It starts out soft but gains momentum quickly enough. 

"Masquerade" is a pop tune through and through. It's got a sweet tune, to it, and some hints of longing in the melody. The marching tempo of the chorus really carries the rest of the song. "Hurry Up" has a retro sound to it, with a sort of '50s bounciness and a lot of brass...horns. In fact, the track is drenched in them, giving it kind of a frenetic energy. It's cute, but nothing particularly special. As you might expect, "You & I" is a ballad. It seems pretty consistent throughout, and it doesn't have the overwrought parts at the end, just some rapping. I like the fact that it's tender and emotional, though I'm not entirely sure all of these girls can carry a tune.

I think this has got to be about the most mature work I've heard out of these girls. Some of those transitions are awkward with other bands, but not here. These songs are filled out and have more emotion than you might otherwise expect. Gone is the light, poppy, cutesy "Summer Kiss," say hello to "I-YAH." And here, it works really well. Cosmic Girls has really come into its own, and this is the best I've heard from them.


This MV is chock-full of CGI effects, as flowers bloom impossibly fast, beakers full of liquid shimmer, and books sparkle when opened. And, 'Kimi no Na Wa' style, comets streak through cotton-candy colored skies. I have to say, that opening shot was absolutely amazing and drew me in immediately.

They dance superbly here, too. Kudos to the choreographer, because the girls are all limbs and trailing fingers, bouncing and whirling and trading places, and opening ranks to show the other members. This is high-caliber stuff, and it shows here.

There were some artistic shots, CGI paired with close-ups and soft light filters, as well as some lighting and shadow shots. They managed to keep my eyes glued to the screen, and that doesn't always happen. I can say the MV is an undeniable treat for the eyes.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........8


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