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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Sunday, September 9, 2018

Items You Must NEVER Forget To Have At Any KPOP Concert!

1. Comfortable clothing.
I know we all want to look super cute and adorable and hopefully catch the attention of our favorite idols but your comfort is of utmost importance. Look cute but also be comfy because you'll be standing/sitting for a long time.
2. Your Ticket!!
This may be obvious but it doesn't hurt to double check and maybe triple check.
3. Merch
They will sell merch on site, but if you already have your own don't be afraid to bring it and flaunt your love for your bias group. Whether it be lightsticks, t-shirts, or hats, bring it all and share in the love!
4. Fan Banners
There may be events where fans pass out free banners but if you have your own feel free to bring it! Just make sure it won't block the view of any other fans behind you.
5. Portable Charger + Cords
It's never too safe to bring a portable charger or two. You never know when you or someone by you might need it and you don't want your phone to die halfway through a song. It's better to be safe with an extra cord too just in case.
6. Water
It will be hot and it will be a long wait to get into the venue. Plus when you get inside you'll scream so much your throat will scorch so make sure you stay hydrated!
7. Snacks
Although snacks won't be allowed in the venue, make sure you bring something to eat while you're waiting in line so you don't enter the show starving and distracted.
8. Wallet/ID/Cash
Some venues may only take cash so it'll be safe to carry a bit of that with you just to be safe. Also, if you run into any issues, you may have to present your ID as well.
9. Extra Makeup/Toiletries/Tissues
If you're wearing makeup bring some extras for a simple touch up while you're waiting or after the concert. For those that get your monthly Mother Nature visit, bring pads just in case. Along with that, pack some extra hair ties/clips and tissues, if not for you then someone next to you!
10. Cough Drops
You will definitely scream until you lose your voice so it can't hurt to bring some cough drops to ease your throat.
11. A Good Attitude
KPOP concerts are about enjoying the show with some of your closest friends. But it's also a space to watch the impact your favorite idol group makes on other people and celebrate that with strangers. So be nice to other people. Treat them with kindness and respect and you're guaranteed to leave the concert with great memories and maybe new friends.

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