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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Friday, August 24, 2018

LJ claims everything Hwayoung said is a lie + reveals they used to live together

LJ (41) strongly denied Hwayoung's (25) allegations he was abusive towards her. 

In an exclusive phone interview with Star News, LJ denied Hwayoung's statements about dating violence and invasion of privacy in their relationship. 

LJ stated, "Her statements are all different than the truth. I never imagined her to tell lies like that. Just several days ago, I texted her and asked, 'Is it that difficult to apologize?' We fought because she had guy issues and got caught talking bad about me. I just lost it."

When asked if the two were in a relationship, LJ said, "Hwayoung lives right next door to me. All my friends and celebrities that know me knew this. Hwayoung basically lived in my house. You can just check the CCTV. Many will get hurt if I reveal the in-depth details to the reason why we fought. In front of me, Hwayoung would call me 'jagiya (baby)', 'I want a car,' but then talk bad about me to others. When people ask her, 'Are you really dating LJ?', she would say, 'Why would I date such a scumbag?' I just remained still even after hearing that because I went through a divorce, and Hwayoung needs to continue her acting career."

LJ added that Hwayoung has even met his parents and hoobaes. All his peers are reportedly very shocked by the current controversy and asked him, "How could she be like this?" He also strongly denied dating violence in their relationship. He said, "She said I locked her up, and I dragged her around. But then how could she go to a hotel with me? That doesn't make sense. They said I illegally took photos of her at the hotel, but Hwayoung also took pics of me at the pool. Is that illegal?"

As for the invasion of privacy and accusation about LJ intruding into her house without consent, LJ explained, "I know the passcode to her house, and she also knows the passcode to my house. Hwayoung came over to my house after she finished filming. She came to my house when I wasn't home. Is that invasion of privacy too? I can reveal the CCTV. Hwayoung didn't have a home for about 3 months, so she had her stuff over at my house. The CCTV probably has the footage of me moving her stuff to her home next doors. Hwayoung didn't have a home for a short while before moving next door to me. She moved to this neighborhood because of me. We lived close to the point where she could hear me call her name from my house. She still lives next door to me, but I don't meet her now. What's the point of meeting her in this situation."
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