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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Monday, July 30, 2018

Chibin talks MASC members' poor relationship, ACE's violent habit, and more in an exclusive interview

Chibin opened up about MASC members' relationship, the violent incident with ACE, and more. 

On July 30, Star News had an exclusive interview with Chibin, who's in the center of attention for the controversy involving his former fellow MASC member. 

First, Chibin explained the members' poor relationship started before the violent incident in March. Chibin said, "The four members, who newly joined the group, had a hard time. ACE hyung did not welcome us from the moment we joined the group."

MASC originally debuted with 4 members (WooSoo, Yiryuk/26, ACE, and Heejae) in August 2016. In September 2017, Chibin, Moonbong, Doeun, and E-rae joined the group as the new members 

"From ACE hyung's point of view, he must've found it unwelcoming of how we (the new members) are breaking the formation of the original four members," said Chibin. 


Chibin explained ACE had a violent habit. Chibin said, "He (ACE) gave (violent) punishment even before the incident. Not only in our dorms but it also took place in our car. We were going to our practice. I forgot to take my shoes off inside because I was in a rush and he hit me on the head. He also often cursed at me simply because he was annoyed."

He also explained the day of the incident. Chibin said, "He got mad at me because I wasn't using the umbrella. He asked if I'm rebelling. I told him I wanted to talk but he kept getting angry. He kept getting mad about the umbrella. In my point of view, I have tried to keep up with his favors and more, so I asked why he's getting mad just over an umbrella. Then I got attacked on the face with it. I have not attacked him first."

As to why he revealed the incident 4 months later, Chibin said, "The other side didn't cooperate in the mediation." He explained, "I've also taken responsibility for the treatment fees. I was so upset for various reason so I asked the prosecutor and was told about the criminal mediation. I tried to proceed with the legal action because I believed I would be able to receive an adequate amount of compensation and give punishment to the attacker but ACE rejected."

Chibin revealed he uploaded his Instagram post about the incident without any discussion with his agency. He said, "I couldn't trust the agency," and added, "On the day of the incident, an agency employee said, 'Why are you trying to cause an issue over such a thing?' and told us to decide rather both of us is going to leave or not. I couldn't trust the agency since then. I don't think I could trust them even if they release an official statement."

Meanwhile, JJ Holic Media announced both Chibin and ACE are leaving the group
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