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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Tuesday, June 26, 2018

9 things only fans of BTS will understand

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1. You Got No Jams
What was once a funny joke has now turned into a meme regarding what RM once said to Jimin while on the plane to the U.S., "? ???? / You're Not Fun (Nuh Jam i-uptsuh)". Fans went with it and "You Got No Jams" was turned into a huge viral BTS meme to the point where a fan gave RM a shirt with the phrase.
2. Nochu
All BTS ARMY know of Jungkook's alternate ego. No, we aren't talking about his overwatch character, Seagull, but his alter-ego "Nochu"! When BTS was in the US, two rappers rapped to Jungkook and he emulated their rap and now refers to himself as Nochu on Twitter.
3. Seagull
The entire group has an Overwatch obsession to the point where many ARMY have also taken up gaming after seeing how much the boys of BTS love playing. What's truly hilarious, however, is the fact that Jungkook uses the gamer tag, Seagull, which happens to be the name that was almost chosen for him prior to debut.
4. Worldwide Handsome
Jin's funniest recurring meme and ARMY inside joke (which is more of a truth, if we're honest here) is that he's Worldwide Handsome! The most hilarious is this particular interview in America where the group says he's the best looking and he humbly states that he is 'worldwide handsome' making RM run away cringing.
This V Live featured Mom Jin and Sons Jungkook and Jimin. It's impossible not to laugh hysterically at this meme and fan favorite video. Try not to laugh when they start spelling, we dare you!
6. The time Taehyung broke the toilet
An oldie, but a goodie and ARMY fan staple is the time a very young "Boy in Luv" era Taehyung was trying to act sophisticated and suave only to knock over the prop toilet by falling off of it. A truly funny reference for anyone who doesn't know the backstory and context.
7. Kumamon
Min Yoongi or Suga of BTS is often mistakenly characterized as a cold or standoffish person. Truth is, he's just introverted! Yoongi is a big softie with a heart of gold and when it comes to cute things like Kumamon, he melts into a puddle of goo. Just look at the extreme happiness when he meets his idol in person! Only BTS fans know about Yoongi's soft side.
8. Important Business
All ARMY know about J-Hope's important business! Hoseok kept saying that if you say "important business" it gets the message across to people who wanted to take a photo with them while they were trying to film. The frequency of his use of "important business" became a funny meme all over Twitter and Tumblr.
9. Alice Table
Alice Table is a cafe that was formerly owned by Jimin's dad. The cafe, which is located in lovely Busan, used to be covered in photographs of Jimin and signed and personalized BTS merchandise. The location became a fan favorite, but has since been turned over to new ownership. The cafe even used to have a wall full of sticky notes where Jimin's father would request fans and patrons to write a note to Jimin.

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