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Posted by hannahleex AKP STAFF Wednesday, June 13, 2018

12 Korean phrases to learn before you go to Korea

1. Hello - ?????
To start off, learn how to say this basic, but very essential phrase to greet friends and get the attention of employees in stores and restaurants. In Korean, hello is pronounced "ann-yeong-ha-se-yo." This is a great phrase to use when speaking to locals. They will certainly appreciate your efforts in speaking the Korean language!

2. Thank you - ?????
Thank someone else for their help by saying "gam-sahab-ni-da" to show them your appreciation. This phrase will come in handy when thanking a restaurant employee for the food, purchasing a product or receiving advice or directions from a local.

3. I'm sorry - ?????
If it's your first time in Korea, there may be times when you mess up because you're not used to the way things work. At times when you need to apologize for something, say "joe-song-hab-ni-da." This simple apology will help clear any misunderstandings.

4. How much is this - ????
Need to know the price of something you want to buy? Ask an employee "eol-ma-ye-yo?" to determine the price of something, whether it is a subway ticket or an item of clothing.

5. This/that - ??/??
The phrases "igeo" and "jeogeo" are extremely useful in referring to certain objects. You can use these phrases in combination with others including "eol-ma-ye-yo" to ask about certain objects.

6. Please give it to me - ???
Politely ask someone for something by saying "juseyo." For example, if you are interested in eating kimbap for lunch, you would say, "kimbap juseyo."

7. When does it leave/arrive - ?? ????/????
This phrase is essential for navigating the Korean subways for the first time. Easily find out the departure and arrival times by asking someone, "eon-je chul-bal-hae-yo?" or "eon-je do-chag-hae-yo?"

8. Where is it - ????
If you're looking to get to a certain destination, don't be afraid to ask a local, "eo-di-eyo?" They will provide you with the directions you need to prevent getting lost in Korea's busy streets.

9. Please help me - ?????
Ask someone for help with anything by saying, "do-wa-ju-seyo." Locals will not only be impressed by your Korean skills, but will also be more than happy to help you out!

10. Excuse me - ?????
Are you trying to make your way through Korea's busy and crowded streets? Make sure to say, "shil-lye-hab-nida" when passing through large crowds to prevent any misunderstandings from other people.

11. It is okay (also I'm okay) - ????
Either tell someone that it's okay or let them know that you're okay by saying, "gwaen-chanh-ayo." For example, if you are already full but someone offers you food, you can say, "gwaen-chanh-ayo."

12. I can't speak Korean well - ??? ? ? ???
Still struggling to communicate in Korean? Let the other person know your situation by simply telling them, "hanguk-mal jal mot-hae-yo."

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