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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Wednesday, May 2, 2018

J.Y. Park strongly denies 'Dispatch' accusations that he is a member of the religious cult 'Salvation Sect'

J.Y. Park
J.Y. Park is furious toward media outlet 'Dispatch' for accusations that he is a member and close affiliate of a religious cult, the 'Salvation Sect', a pseudo-religious assembly associated with individuals charged in the 'Sewol Ferry tragedy'. 

J.Y. Park wrote via his Instagram with the hashtag #JYPfaith:

"A Salvation Sect assembly?
A bible study gathering where I paid for and rented a space for to lead the meeting, was a Salvation Sect assembly?

Around 100 people gathered to listen to my lecture, and a select few who called themselves Salvation Sect members expressed their interest in wanting to listen to my lecture so they also sat in; is this a Salvation Sect assembly?

No one including me personally, nor any staff members of JYP Entertainment, have zero relation to Salvation Sect or any of its for-profit businesses, but you claim Salvation Sect?

How prepared are you to handle the damages that this will inflict on me and our company, that you can just publish a report about such a topic without any prior confirmation?

4 years ago, I started holding bible study with one friend, twice a week, and since then, friends of friends and more friends of friends joined in, so that now we are at a gathering of around 30. But you would call this a Salvation Sect assembly?

Now that it has come down to this, I will upload my full faith testimony so please read through it carefully. If in the contents of that testimony, you find material which causes problems legally or ethically, then your report may prove to be appropriate, but if that is not the case, then you will face legal responsibility for the entirety of the damages inflicted on me through this matter."

#JYPfaith 구원파 집회라구요? 제가 돈 내고 제가 장소를 빌려 제가 가르친 성경공부 집회가 구원파 집회라구요? 100명이 제 강의를 듣기 위해 모였고 그 중에 속칭 '구원파' 몇 분이 제 강의를 들어보고 싶다고 와서 앉아있었는데 그게 구원파 모임이라구요? 제 개인적으로나 혹은 JYP 엔터테인먼트 회사 차원에서 속칭 '구원파' 모임의 사업들과 어떠한 관계도 없는데 구원파라구요? 도대체 저와 우리 회사에게 입히신 피해를 어떻게 책임지시려고 사실 확인조차 없이 이런 글을 보도하신거죠? 전 4년 전 친구와 둘이 일주일에 두 번 모여 성경공부를 하다가 친구의 친구, 또 그 친구의 친구가 더해져 이제 한 30명 정도 모이는 모임을 하고있습니다. 근데 이게 속칭 '구원파' 모임이라구요? 이왕 이렇게 된 것, 제 간증문을 올릴테니 꼼꼼히 한 번 봐주시죠. 그 내용 중에 법적으로나 윤리적으로 문제가 있다면 당신들의 취재는 합당한 것이겠지만 만약 없다면 저희에게 입히신 모든 피해에 대해 법적 책임을 지시게 될 것입니다.

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J.Y. Park's 'faith testimony' can also be found below:

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