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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Saturday, May 12, 2018

JeA reveals she spent over $28,000 to lose weight after 'Produce 101'

JeA, Cheetah

On a new episode of SBS Mobidic's web reality talk show, 'Ssen My Way' ("Ssen" as in tough or strong in Korean), Brown Eyed Girls's JeA and Cheetah dealt with the story of a woman who is struggling to lose weight and obtain a "celebrity figure"

The woman shared that she is working class, but wants to stay fit and watch her figure so she makes time to work out late at night after work, and also watches her diet. She is 166cm and 58kg (~ 128 lb), but is stressed about how "fat" she looks in pictures and finally asked, "What do I have to do to get a celebrity figure?"

After hearing the woman's story, Cheetah began explaining that all celebrities have an on-season and off-season, and that people can only see celebrities during their on-season. To this, JeA added, "We're in our on-season right now~!" She then turned to Cheetah and began, "At the end of 'Produce 101', we had so many dinner outings, didn't we? We were all so close, so because we kept going out to eat, Cheetah got a little chubby, and everyone got a little chubby, but I got the chubbiest! Because I said here and there that I like jelly so everyone kept buying me jelly so when I kept eating here and there I went from 50 kg at the beginning of 'Produce 101' to 56 kg at the end! (~ 13 lb difference.)"

"But then, I had to lose it in a short amount of time. So I literally poured out a ton of money!" JeA continued. Around how much? "Around... 20-30 million KRW (~ $19,000-28,000)..." She elaborated that for a period of about a month and a half, she met absolutely no one and took classes in pilates, PT, EMS (electric muscle stimulation), and more. 

To conclude, Cheetah said, "When celebrities come out on TV and show their bodies, they don't mention the part where they spent all that money on weight loss." Finally, the two MCs asked together, "Fellow celebrities, can we all just band together and gain just a little... like 3 kg of weight each?"

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