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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Idols who are charismatic onstage but clumsy goofs offstage

1. G-Dragon
G-Dragon is incredibly loved and appreciated worldwide for the path he paved for future KPOP idols and rappers. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have his quirky goofy moments as well. The charismatic idol carries his silly moments.
2. RM
BTS has grown to be THE boy band of the world full of charisma, skills, talents, and so much more. And their leader RM is one of the sexiest and most talented men alive. His biggest talent... Breaking things.
3. Hani
EXID is a group full of very sexy and beautiful women. Hani is well known for her beauty and flawless personality but she is also known for her clumsy and silly behavior. She is absolutely shameless and doesn't mind expressing herself even if everyone thinks she's weird.
4. Sana
On stage, TWICE is amazingly skilled with their choreography and singing but off stage, it's a different story. Out of all the members of TWICE, Sana is probably one of the clumsiest and gets caught in all types of trouble.
5. Taehyung
Known as the alien of BTS, Taehyung is all of the goofiness in one being. But his quirkiness is his charm and is what so many people love him. At the same time, someone please protect this poor boy from himself.
6. Xiumin
Sometimes curiousity does kill the cat but whether or not satisfaction brings it back is another question. During performances Xiumin proves to be charismatic and super sexy but sometimes he does questionable things like slapping himself with a slap stick. He's quite the silly boy off stage.
7. Mingyu
The tall and handsome member of Seventeen is all of the good things when the lights come on but he is also the clumsiest one out of the 13 boys. But we love him nonetheless and he's always taken care of by the rest of his members.
8. Bomi
Beautiful? Yes. Talented? Yes. Clumsy? Definitely. Although Bomi seems like she has it together... sometimes she doesn't and we get to see her in her natural clumsy style.
9. Donghae
He may be part of one of the oldest KPOP boy groups but that doesn't change his childish and silly behavior. While Super Junior have always proven to be incredibly talented and amazing on stage, Donghae has proven to be incredibly clumsy and silly off stage.

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