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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Most Loved Idol Maknaes!

1. Big Bang's Seungri
Known as THE sly and mischievous maknae, Big Bang's Seungri is one of the first maknaes to come to mind when thinking about commonly-loved young members! He debuted at the tender age of 16 and is only 26 now, showing that he is very much still one of the youngest idols to have a long-standing career in K-Pop! Despite his tendency to be a little... disrespectful towards his hyungs, he always tries his best to support his members and set the mood for Big Bang. He is a talented dancer, extremely funny and great on variety shows! His charisma and voice are why many of the newer rookies look up to him! We consider him a godfather maknae to the newer ones who have joined the industry!
2. T-ARA's Jiyeon
T-ARA's Jiyeon debuted with the group in 2009, making her 16 at the age of debut with the group. Now, Jiyeon is 24 years old and has improved tenfold from the day she debuted. Her singing was originally noted as not the best, but netizens argue that her current dancing and performance ability has skyrocketed. In addition to that, Jiyeon's visuals have also gotten better as she continues to grow more and more beautiful every day! Jiyeon is undoubtedly a cute, talented, and vivacious maknae who is impossible not to love!
3. B.A.P's Zelo
Cute, handsome, and tall, Zelo is a fan-favorite maknae among many! This shy, let-the-hyungs-do-the-talking maknae turns into a powerful entertainment machine when rapping in performances! His talent and style is undeniable! As one of the most adorable maknaes, he is loved for his visual appeal, but has the ability to write songs, sing (even though he's a rapper!), spit fire bars as a rapper, and dance!
4. f(x)'s Krystal
You name it, Krystal Jung has it! This maknae is one-of-a-kind! Though she is gorgeous and visually a masterpiece, she also has the ability to sing, dance, act, and make people laugh on variety! Netizens constantly praise Krystal for her awesome fashion sense, English skills, and positive and friendly attitude. Her sexy confidence and charismatic charm earn her a place as one of the most-loved maknaes in K-Pop!
5. Super Junior's Kyuhyun
In comparison to the ages of the newer rookie maknaes, Kyuhyun doesn't seem as though he is the youngest anymore! But this Super Junior maknae is well-loved and is one of the most well-loved and memorable maknaes in all of K-Pop history! He is dorky, unique, adorable and witty and has a charisma that attracts all sorts of people to him. Moreover, he is another mischievous maknae which, luckily for him, works as one of his charms! His vocal ability is also heavenly and unforgettable!
6. 2NE1's Minzy
Minzy has been praised by netizens for being able to dance better than crazy-fast dynamic boy group dancers! On top of that, she has an amazing vocal ability that secured her to be known as one of the most dynamic and talented maknaes to date. From the beginning, Minzy has been confident, smart, graceful, and talented and proves time and time again that being the youngest in the group doesn't mean you have to stand in the back! Unfortunately, 2NE1 is now just a memory. :(
7. BTS' Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook, otherwise referred to as the Golden Maknae can do it all. He looks up to Seungri, which makes sense as to why he is such a mischievous maknae like his sunbae! Jungkook has amazing vocal and dance abilities and can do pretty much everything that's thrown at him (except math, but who can do math, anyway?). Though he acts very macho, he is very sensitive and is babied by his hyungs. He is still very young and ARMY expect a lot of this charismatic maknae!
8. EXO's Sehun
EXO's maknae Oh Sehun is another popular maknae! He is best known for his incredibly hilarious one-liners and cute demeanor. He is extremely handsome and charming, but like many other younger male maknaes, is a total mischievous badger! Many fans love Sehun because though he looks gentle and sweet, when he speaks he's extremely sassy and hilarious! On top of all his lovable personality traits, he is a talented dancer for EXO, often wowing fans everywhere with his solo dance stages.
9. TWICE's Tzuyu
Though Korean is still difficult for Tzuyu to speak, it doesn't stop hoards of fans claiming that she is their bias! Tzuyu stated that there were advantages to being the youngest of the group because all the members act as unnies towards her and take care of her because she comes from overseas. Her lovable visuals and cute personality are a hit for fans all over, especially in Japan!
10. miss A's Suzy
Suzy is a beautiful maknae who is known for her acting, singing, and dancing ability! Suzy is a hard-working girl with a polite and kind demeanor. She has one of the hardest-working attitudes in the industry and it shows in her performance! Her fun, tomboyish personality awarded her the place as Nation's Younger Sister (replacing IU!). Suzy is the total package!
11. SHINee's Taemin
Though Taemin is essentially his own artist now, he will forever be SHINee's maknae to us! First, his vocal improvement from debut with SHINee has been amazing. Second, he is adorable! Taemin is angelic and innocent and hilarious to boot! Taemin is also extremely good-looking and was once voted most beautiful (first place!) when all his competitors were women! On top of all this, Taemin is the dancing king, showing everyone that maknaes can be talent powerhouses too!
12. Girls' Generation's Seohyun
Seohyun is a role model for many fans! This maknae doesn't seem like the youngest in Girls' Generation, but is! She is gorgeous, hard-working, and talented with a strong character and resolve. Her discipline has led to the forming of side groups such as TTS, showing that her adorable and kind personality is perfect as a role model maknae for younger fans of K-Pop!
13. TVXQ's Changmin
Shim Changmin is talented, intelligent, a visual powerhouse, and EXTREMELY tall! Changmin is lovable because he is undeniably honest with how he is feeling and doesn't put on a front for anyone, yet he is able to remain respectful and professional. Changmin is the evil and mischievous maknae, always roasting his members on a crowded variety show or saying a big N O to aegyo style personalities. Changmin gives a voice for introverted cynics, which is a vastly different from other maknaes who opt for the bubbly cute personality.
14. Blackpink's Lisa
Blackpink's royal maknae from abroad, Lisa, is a huge hit among fans internationally! She is known on variety for being cute and funny, but is also able to rap and dance at a moment's notice! Blackpink's Thai maknae is well-loved for her exceptional talents with many netizens referring to her as their 'royal maknae' for showcasing all her abilities while maintaining and sexy and cute image!
15. Dal Shabet's Subin
Subin has the nickname of 'Giant Baby' referring to her height! She is one of the taller members of Dal Shabet, yet she is the youngest! Her lengthy legs even earned her a role as a jean model! Subin is a hit on variety shows and programs such as Happy Together (season 3). This tall maknae is lovable and beautiful!
16. GOT7's Yugyeom
Yugyeom is another dancing king maknae! He was highly revered for his performance on Hit The Stage, as well as in many other live performances with GOT7. Though this maknae was born in Seoul, he was raised in Saudi Arabia. His worldliness and mature personality often make fans mistake him as the eldest rather than the youngest! Yugyeom is one of the manliest maknaes out there!
17. BTOB's Sungjae
Netizens online have compared Sungjae to a one-stop shopping mall, because you can get all the talents of an incredible idol in him alone! He has great vocal abilities, dance skills, and can even rap! In tv shows, he is great at being MC, good at acting, and hilarious in variety shows! It seems that everyone's biggest grievance is that there isn't enough Sungjae to go around!
18. Girl's Day's Hyeri
Hyeri is known for her out-of-this-world personality! Upon first glance, many see a talented and beautiful performer with incredibly good looks, but watch one variety show and you'll soon see, Hyeri is a total character! She is eccentric, loud, and hilarious and often says gut-busting statements on television with no regard! She's dynamic, strong, and independent, earning her a spot as one of our most-loved maknaes!
19. B2ST's Dongwoon
Though he looks the oldest, Dongwoon is the maknae of B2ST! When Dongwoon makes a mistake on stage, he laughs it off and prioritizes fan service and performance! What an awesome and good-natured maknae! Fans love him for his good looks, playful personality, and stylish character. He continually is kind to fans, even stopping to accept gifts from them at the airport!
20. MAMAMOO's Hwasa
Sexy and sassy Hwasa doesn't seem like she even is the maknae at first glance! With a loud ragtag team of beagle members, all of MAMAMOO have vibrant personalities and incredible singing abilities! This jazz-loving maknae impresses fans continually with her lovable attitude and amazing vocals in live performances. She's impossible to look away from!

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