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Posted by LeJulie1 pt Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Cutest Fansigning Interactions Between Idols & Fans

1. Wheein from Mamamoo
Honestly, no one thought Mamamoo could be any sweeter. But we were proven wrong when Wheein kindly and patiently communicated in sign language with a fan. Wheein got out of her seat to listen and used syllables to make sure the fan understood. Truly a group full of sweet angels.
2. Seungri from Big Bang
Seungri has always been one to provide his fans with plenty of laughter and joy. During his fan signing for his very first album, he proved his sweetness with his interactions. Here he's seen with a very young fan and he goes out of his way to climb the table to take a picture with her!
3. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung from Twice
One of the best parts of fansignings are giving gifts to your favorite idols and seeing how they interact with one another. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung are both shown here teasing and playing with each other while wearing various gifts from their loving fans.
4. Yuta and Doyoung from NCT 127
Definitely one of the funniest moments that can happen at a fansigning is the interaction between our favorite idol group members. As Yuta showers the fans with a flying kiss, Doyoung snatches it out of the air which garnered a lot of laughter from the audience.
5. G-Dragon from Big Bang
Kwon Jiyong, the sweet gummy smiling boy that every Big Bang fan loves dearly shows his true colors when he receives a kiss from his fan. How quickly, yet adorably he can switch from being charismatic to quirky and shy as he hides his face in embarrassment.
6. Chaeyeon from DIA
Probably one of the most relatable idols out there, Chaeyeon is shown protecting a cake she received from a fan. Despite her manager and team trying to take it from her, she holds on tight revealing that idols are just like us too. They love their sweets!
7. Jay Park
As charismatic as he is, Jay Park is still a sweet man when placed next to a child. Here he is seen with a few of his younger fans. What's not to love?
8. Jisoo from BlackPink
Despite being the eldest, Jisoo still shares her dongsaeng's cute humor and personality. During their first fansigning, Jisoo startles herself with a bubble gun which shows how incredibly cute and pure she truly is.

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