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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Foreign idols share their Chuseok plans & wishes for 2017 (Part 1)

Sorn, Sana, Yuto, Lisa, ONF

How will some of our favorite foreign K-pop idols be spending their Chuseok holidays in 2017? What unique, past Chuseok memories do they have? What are their Chuseok wishes? Find out the answers from these guys and gals, below!

TWICE's Sana (Japan)

Plans: I think I'll be able to spend it with my family! It'll be my first Chuseok with my family, so I want it to get here quickly. Notable Chuseok episodes: In my trainee days, on national holidays the company always took us to eat at delicious restaurants or to the amusement park. It was always fun! Differences between holidays in Korea and native country: It's the same in Korea and Japan, how everyone spends holidays eating and being happy with family! Chuseok wishes: If you tell anyone your wish, it won't come true. 

Black Pink's Lisa (Thailand)

Plans: If I do receive vacation days this Chuseok, I want to spend it with my parents. Notable Chuseok episodes: Pre-debut, I remember spending Chuseok with Chaeyoung (Rose)'s family. I've also tried to take the subway during the holidays, but it was so packed I almost couldn't get on. Differences between holidays in Korea and native country: In Thailand, we don't perform 'Jesa' (Korean memorial ceremony honoring one's ancestors). Chuseok wishes: I wish to go on a trip to Thailand with my members.

Pentagon's Yuto (Japan)

Plans: If I'm given the time to, I would like to return home for the first time in a while. Notable Chuseok episodes: When I was a trainee, I could only return home during the holidays, so when the holidays came, I practiced harder. If I couldn't go home, I would just practice by myself. Differences between holidays in Korea and native country: The biggest is the food. Chuseok wishes: I want to hurry up and greet Pentagon's bright future, and I want to go on a family vacation.

CLC's Sorn (Thailand)

Plans: I'm off to my home in Thailand! All of the members and I will go home this year, because we don't have any special schedules and the timing is just right. Elkie and I even wondered if we should just go to the airport the night before, since our flights are in the morning and the airport will be packed. Notable Chuseok episodes: Last year, Elkie and I didn't get to go home. Seungyeon invited us to her house... It was my first time spending Chuseok in a Korean home and it was very interesting, plus we got to eat tons of food! Differences between holidays in Korea and native country: There's no Chuseok in Thailand, but the most similar holiday is Songkran. It's well-known, and it's where people go out on the streets and play with water, but that's not all. Everyone goes home to visit family, too. Chuseok wishes: It was to go home to Thailand, but it already came true, so I'm satisfied.

ONF's Yu (Japan)

Plans: I don't have any yet, but if I can, I want to go back home to Japan! It's special because it's my first Chuseok after debuting. Notable Chuseok episodes: Last year, I stayed at the dorm by myself because all the hyungs went home. So then our label CEO bought me steak. I would like to take this opportunity to relay how touched I was then! Differences between holidays in Korea and native country: I don't really know because I haven't experienced many Korean holidays, but resting and eating good food is very similiar! Chuseok wishes: I want to wish for all 7 ONF members to not get sick and promote brightly!

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