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Posted by LeJulie Friday, October 13, 2017

Evolution of some of KPOP's Top Groups from Debut until Now


Since its expansion into the world's consciousness, KPOP has developed in tremendously amazing ways through MV production, music composition, choreography, and so many other unique ways. Our favorite groups have also evolved and changed over time. Here are a few of our favorite groups from their debut until now!


One of the top groups in the game today, BTS has definitely made a mark in KPOP history. From their debut with "No More Dream" in June 12, 2013, BTS has managed to garner love and support from throughout the world with fans in many countries. BTS has only reached their 4th anniversary, however, they have quickly become one of the most popular KPOP groups thanks to their incredibly talented choreography, lyrics, and precious members. Over the years, their style definitely changed a lot from underground hip-hop into something that holds more depth and feeling. BTS originally started with an underground vibe that showed their masculinity but over the years, their music definitely became something that showsthe true colors of BTS members.

Not only did they change their image as BTS but they also developed a whole new sense of KPOP by breaking the mold of what KPOP used to be. This group was given the opportunity to develop their group in their own style rather than how their company wanted them to be seen. Everything released by BTS was created by BTS for their fans and for themselves, which is something rarely seen in the KPOP industry. BTS was also one of the first KPOP groups to have intricately designed concepts woven into their albums and music videos.

"DNA", BTS' most recent release, managed to receive over 27 million views in just ONE day.

Debut: "No More Dream" June 12, 2013

Most Recent Release: "DNA" September 18 2017

Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation is a very classic KPOP group that debuted in 2007. The originalnine-membered group won the hearts of fans everywhere from the United States to Japan and in between. Throughout their years, they have developed different styles of their music moving smoothly through ballads and fierce hip-hop songs that presents SNSD as a multitalented group. They were able to develop their own type of music that they think is an accurate portrayal of who they are as a group. Rather than work on what was given to them, the girls became more open and took more initiative to discuss what they wanted to see as a group.

Since their debut, however, they did lose a member in Jessica and the future is questionable with the departure of Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung from SM.Regardless, their newest release was a way for them to showcase their various talents and styles, which was why they chose to have adouble title track. For them, they wanted to be able to have a conversation with their fans through their album so they created it to tell stories that best represents Girls' Generation.

Debut: "Into the New World" August 2, 2007

Most Recent Release: August 4, 2017

Big Bang

Big Bang: The group that many refer to as the Kings of KPOP are among the top groups that broke the hallyu culture into other countries. Being one of the considerably young and widely successful groups, Big Bang is seen as a role model for many newer groups such as BTS, Black Pink, and iKON. From the very beginning, their first album released had a solo track of each idol showcasing their talents that has continued to develop over their ten years. After a two year hiatus, Big Bang returned with 'Tonight' albumwhich was the release that really brought them worldwide with a more rock, upbeat tune that essentially became Big Bang's sound.

Each individual artist managed to make a name for themselves while still holding the Big Bang image. Daesung became one of the first Korean idols to attract a large following in Japan, Seungri became a renowned show host in Japan, T.O.P, a well-loved actor, G-Dragon, and Taeyang released solo albums that brought them critical success. Despite their personal achievements, the members forever held Big Bang as a crucial identity. In 2016, when Big Bang returned for their ten year anniversary, they released two songs per month that reached an all-kill chart breaker. These songs eventually became the 'MADE' album that showed both Big Bang's upbeat style but also a more in-depth feeling of their sorrows throughout the years. The music Big Bang produced over the years definitely started to show more of their deepest vulnerabilities than compared to their first few albums. Through their music, Big Bang wanted to share their experiences with love and friendship that can be communicated through their lyricism, as well as the intricate details of their music videos.

Debut: "We Belong Together" August 28, 2006

Most Recent Release: "FXXK It" December 12, 2016


SISTAR: The four-member queens of summer have always been known to release some of KPOP summer's greatest hits like "Touch My Body" and "Give it to Me". During their seven-year reign, they were invited to perform at various places like Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, among many. Unfortunately, after their seven-year promotion, SISTAR announced their disbandment and wrote personal letters of farewell to their fans. For their final track, the members wanted to go for a more mellow tone rather than their usual flashy sound. Despite the major difference in sound, SISTAR still managed to hit home with a sweet song written as a farewell gift. However, the legend of SISTAR will always be in our hearts.

Debut Song: "Push Push" June 3, 2010

Most Recent Release: "Lonely" May 31, 2017


GOT7: JYP's top boy group, GOT7 consists of 7 diverse members that include members that are Korean, Taiwanese American, Chinese, and Thai. Being one of the first diverse groups, GOT7 definitely was a face for diversity within the KPOP industry. Their image was a group that incorporated martial arts and b-boying into their hip-hop style. Eventually, they opted for a more bright and colorful image through "A". Their image definitely changed from a b-boy style to a group that was more in tune with one another and with a new R&B sound. They experienced through aggressive electronic/hip-hop sound as well as a more house electronic style through their trilogy. Over the years, GOT7 went from their original dark, bad boy concept to something more innocent and full of awe in their music videos. They definitely used their special vocalists to their advantage opting for more singing and less hard rapping.

Debut Song: "Girls, Girls, Girls" January 16, 2014

Most Recent Release: "You Are" October 9, 2017


2NE1: The queens of YG Entertainment definitely scorched through KPOP history with upbeat, catchy music but also connected to their fans through their emotional ballads. From fierce and powerful songs like "I Am The Best" to emotionally touching songs like "Lonely", 2NE1 has always managed to surprise their fans with their flexibility in music. Not only did their music style seem to mature over the years but their fashion sense definitely did as well. At the beginning, 2NE1 opted for a wild and rambunctious image that showed their fun side through both their music and their style. Eventually, they moved towards a more mature look that showed their sexiness and fierce feminism as queens if the KPOP industry.

Despite their maknae Minzy's departure, 2NE1 was headed towards a potentially strong future as a trio. Unfortunately, in November, YG announced their disbandment that broke the hearts of many. The final song "Goodbye" was originally a letter for Minzy written by CL but became a farewell song to their fans. Thank you 2NE1 for all your years of powerful stage presence.

Debut Song: Fire, May 6, 2009

Most Recent Release: Goodbye, January 5, 2017


EXID: Despite not necessarily charting well and being relatively unknown at the beginning of their debut, EXID quickly became a group that dominated the Gaon Charts over the years with various albums. Recent news is that Solji, one of their vocalists, has been on hiatus due to medical issues. Originally, EXID hardly received attention or recognition for the work they put into their music. It wasn't until a viral video of Hani circulated did they start to attract more attention worldwide. Their style, although uniquely brilliant, started off unnoticed. But after more exposure through social media and programs like 'Mask King', EXID started to draw more attention to their music that was fun and definitely makes many fans want to dance. A big part of their success is their catchy tunes that changed over the years and their dances that are easy to follow. It wasn't until then did they start to get noticed and received love globally.

During the EXID Asia Tour, Solji appeared on stage to perform "Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring" with the other members who all burst into tears.

Debut Song: "Whoz That Girl" February 16, 2012

Most Recent Release: "Night Rather Than Day" April 10, 2017

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