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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Thursday, October 26, 2017

[Drama Review] 'Revolutionary Love' - Episode 4

Siwon, Gong Myung, Kang So Ra
It seems that the demand for Super Junior's Siwon to withdraw from his latest drama production, tvN's 'Revolutionary Love', from Korean netizens in light of Bugsy's biting incident, will not decrease any time soon. However, since the drama's side has yet to announce any response to netizens' demands, allkpop will continue to review 'Revolutionary Love' without any opinionated filters toward the drama, its characters, its story, and so on. Now then, let's get started with episode 4. 

Let's just hide the whole dog biting controversy inside my killer eye wrinkles for a bit...

Byun Hyuk (played by Siwon) decides to turn himself in to the police for his sexual harassment case. Ha Yeon Hee, driven to action by Byun Hyuk and Baek Jun (played by Kang So Ra), complies with the police investigation and clarifies that the incident was completely accidental. Now, I do have to be a little critical of the script writer for what they are putting Yeon Hee through. It's understandable for some good comedy to come out of two purely accidental cases where a male goes flying through the air and ends up with his hands on a woman's chest. The first two times, the intention to drive the plot forward and cause characters to become entangled with one another while also creating light laughs, was clear. However, when the guy gets away with grabbing the same woman's bra a third time, that guy needs to go court. Whether it was on accident or not. 

Not only is this not funny anymore... Siwon's shirt isn't even that funny to begin with? Like I have a sweater like that in my closet?

Moreover, the key trait to note in Byun Hyuk regarding the whole police investigation is that, he thinks he did the "right thing" by turning himself in. He certainly thinks that it was the "manly thing" to get Jun to see him as a better person. None of this is true, except the part where you really are supposed to turn yourself in to resolve any misunderstandings in a criminal case. What this dumb, brainless chaebol doesn't realize is that the act of turning himself in causes a lot of pain and problems for everyone around him. For his father, his brother, his friend and employee Kwon Jae Hoon (played by Gong Myung), and even the people involved in the construction site brawl from episode 3. 

Hold my earrings. HOLD MY EARRINGS!

Then, the wonderful, kind-hearted construction trio come to Hyuk's rescue. Mr. Kim Ki Suk, Mr. Lee Tae Kyung, and Mrs. Ahn Mi Yeon; the three construction site workers who were fired from their jobs thanks to Hyuk. Despite being lied to and then laid off, the trio still take pity on Hyuk, kicked out of his home nude with absolutely nothing. They buy him clothes, food, and return him to Jun's care. It's heartwarming to see how kind the construction trio is, but the problem is that with such kind people around, it's going to be a long, hard road ahead for Hyuk to change and grow into a decent human being. 

Are those eyelashes REAL tho?!

Next, we finally get to meet Jun's mother in person. We finally get more of Jun's familial issues, and it's complicated; it seems likely that Jun's mother needs money for a child's medical fees. Whether the child is her own child or unrelated to Jun, has yet to be revealed. But Jun's reaction during her mother's visit is enough to prove that she doesn't openly and completely resent her mother, and the mother may have a deeper story too, rather than just being an antagonistic character in Jun's life. So what about the awkward, let's hold coffee cups and sit moment between Jae Hoon and his father? Now that, we'll have to wait until more episodes to get the details on. 

Wonder how these types of scenes would look if the mosaic effect were replaced with something more dynamic, like stars or hearts?

After watching episode 4, it feels as though the real journey as our heroine Baek Jun attempts to help this unwanted chaebol get his life together and also slap some moral sense into her elitist friend, truly begins taking flight from here moving forward. When considering that the past 4 episodes were more focussed on introducing the characters and their stories, the pacing score ends up falling below average. The actors' performances have yet to cause any setbacks, however, and the cast gives off the vibe of working together very well. Which just leaves the plot, and the scoring for that will have to remain average until we get more out-of-the-box, out-of-the-comfort-zone type developments. 

How do you think 'Revolutionary Love' will progress from this point on? And how do you feel about the Bugsy controversy affecting Siwon's drama?





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