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BTS's Jungkook opens up about feeling like he always wears a mask in front of other people

During his guest appearance on JTBC's 'Give Me a Meal' on September 27, BTS's maknae Jungkook opened up to Kang Ho Dong about his inner struggles. 

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Kang Ho Dong told Jungkook to open up about any troubles he has lately, and Jungkook said after a deep sigh, "Because I came up to Seoul alone during my adolescence and lived alone, when I meet people for the first time, it feels to me like I don't treat them honestly. It feels like there's a wall between us. It's supposed to be that you connect with people's hearts, but all I do is ask myself, 'What should I do to befriend this person?' or 'What should I do to make this person like me?'. I can't help but feel that I wear a mask around people." 

Kang Ho Dong, after hearing Jungkook's troubles, seemed to understand where the idol was coming from, and commented, "It's all because you had to start being out in society at an early age." Kang Ho Dong also comforted Jungkook, saying that his flexibility around people of different types isn't always a bad thing. 

Lastly, the two took their talk old school 'Knee Drop Guru' style, with the guru Kang Ho Dong declaring, "Live while treating everything with a positive outlook!", after which the two got up for a little dance. 

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