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NU'EST W talks about why JR is the 'nation's leader' in 'W Korea'

'W Korea' has dropped JR's individual cuts in their September NU'EST W photoshoot.

During the interview, the NU'EST W members talked about many things, including why JR was such a good leader. JR said, "I think it's because I had experience promoting. I thought the thing that lasted the most was the stage, and I wanted to make every stage I stood on a legendary stage. That is not something I can achieve by myself. My usual personality also is not the type that tries to survive by myself."

When the members were asked if JR was originally someone who was good at teaching and helping others, or if he grew to be like so as NU'EST's leader, Ren chose the latter. Baekho added, "JR is the fastest at learning choreography. He'd learn it, and then point out the parts we were lacking and work together. He's a very good leader." JR said, "I was very bad when I was a trainee, so I overcame everything by my effort. I didn't know how to do anything, but I thought I was losing to myself." Baekho added, "His base is even more sturdy because he wasn't someone who was born with it, but someone who built everything one by one. I think it makes him more stable. He knows how to make an effort." JR added on, "I believe nothing is impossible. If I, someone who had no talent and knew how to do nothing, can do it, anyone can do it. So I was able to help people more. I'd experienced how it was to have the dance not look good, or where to put strength in. I don't believe in myself that much. But I believe in the people around me. I believe in the members."

Later in the interview, Baekho also talked about his personality. He said, "I'm not a leader, but I believe that sometimes, you have to make your opinions stronger than the leader so the leader can find his center and get organized. If you couldn't communicate, that's a king, not a leader." JR agreed and said, "From the point of view of a leader, it's nice to hear a lot of different opinions. This way, you won't miss something you might have missed otherwise, and right it. I believe that a leader leads from the front, and the king whips from the back."

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