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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Monday, July 31, 2017

The Vibe Label says 'Produce 101's Kim Tae Dong started acting differently after he grew popular on the show

The Vibe Label and 'Produce 101' trainee Kim Tae Dong are continuing to make conflicting statements.

Previously, Kim Tae Dong had accused his label of mistreating him to the point he had suffered. One of the accusations he made was that his manager would drop him off at a bridge in Han River at the middle of the night after practice, and he would have to find his way home by a taxi. By taxi, it would take him 1 hour to reach where he was living by himself, and 3 hours to go back home to his family.

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The Vibe Label recently made their own statement. It reads,

Hello. This is The Vibe Label.
First, we want to say sorry to the fans who have been showing support to Kim Tae Dong because of the friction between him and The Vibe Label. We also want to apologize to the fans who have been waiting for JBJ and showing support.
We are making our official statement because we believed that the false information being spread that Kim Tae Dong was fighting with his label because the label was treating him wrongly would damage the order of the entertainment industry.
We supported Kim Tae Dong as a trainee starting from November 15th, 2016 Even though he had been a trainee for only a short time with us, we wanted to give Kim Tae Dong a chance because he has a lot of experience as a trainee, so we decided he would be on 'Produce 101' and we helped him so he could grow.
After he was confirmed to be on 'Produce 101 Season 2', we took care of Kim Tae Dong as a management label, and we signed an exclusive contract with him as an artist on March 30th, 2017 and gave him support.
However, after 'Produce 101 Season 2' aired and he rapidly grew popular, Kim Tae Dong told us that he would not be using our car and that he would be using another label's trainee's car to go back home. He also did not participate in any of the schedules or meetings in our label, and only demanded that his contract be nullified without any conversation.
In the midst of all this, we were able to meet Kim Tae Dong directly, and we told him, "We will do what you want, so tell us what you want from us. Let's talk about the contract nullification after the 'Produce 101' concert." We tried to actively reflect his opinions as much as possible.
However, after the concert, he changed his cell phone number in secret, cut off communications, and demanded his contract be nullified.
There was false information in the certification of contents he sent, and we could not hide our shock.
From the beginning of the program, we have always picked up all four of our trainees. As all the trainees live in different areas, we decided to meet and drop them off at the Shinsa Station. We had asked for the understanding and consent of all the trainees, and if they had to use public transportation to get there, we gave them the full cost of the commute.
This was already agreed on with the members beforehand. After that on personal schedules, Kim Tae Dong told us himself that he would be using public transportation. As for the Han River Bridge that he mentioned on SNS, we were dropping him off at the Han River Bridge taxi station because it was closer to his house than the Shinsa Station.
Even though he only revealed parts that were advantageous to him without explaining anything and harmed our character, we had continously waited for him with patience so we could solve the situation because we wanted to protect Kim Tae Dong as an artist.
While he had cut off communications with us, we belatedly came to know that he had met with another label, which goes against the exclusive contract terms. He also told the label that he was not signed with us and continued to downgrade our character through actions we could not understand.
Even though all this happened, we wanted to keep our promise to our fans, so both our label and FAVE Entertainment, which is under LOEN Entertainment, continued to attempt to contact him so he could carry out JBJ activities. The CEO of our management even went to Yeoju to his house and tried to meet with him, but his parents only told us, "We don't have anything to say to you. We do not want to talk to you," and only demanded a nullification of contract.
Our label could only come back with disappointment that Kim Tae Dong and his parents did not want to communicate with us any longer.
In the situation where he had cut off all contact, we sent Kim Tae Dong a reply through our lawyers. The reply only had provisional plans for the future, and there were no threats or blackmail at all. If this continues to be discussed, we are thinking of displaying the document.
Even after Kim Tae Dong made his one-sided declarations on SNS, we tried continuously to contact him so he could come back to JBJ. We are deeply disappointed in how Kim Tae Dong is acting, as we have worked together with him.
We will solve this friction and problem by meeting Kim Tae Dong, and wait for him to come back to JBJ as the fans are supporting him.
We apologize to everyone supporting Kim Tae Dong and fans who are believing in JBJ and waiting for them.
Thank you.

What do you think about their statement?

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