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Furious EXO fans and Park Ji Hoon fans demand apology from rude Kang Daniel fans

By jennywill   Monday, July 24, 2017   167,135   12,953   168



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EXO fans and Park Ji Hoon fans are furious at some of Kang Daniel fans.

A fan has revealed the Naver Band chatroom between Kang Daniel fans, where fans who had criticized and cursed at individual member fans and emphasized being a fan of all members had gone behind everyone else's backs in their private chatroom to say they were only Kang Daniel fans. Screenshots of the fans cursing out fellow Wanna One member Park Ji Hoon as well as EXO's Xiumin have been posted onto the fan's Twitter account, and both EXO and Park Ji Hoon fans are demanding apologies from the Kang Daniel fans.

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The chats mentioned Xiumin because of the variety show that Kang Daniel was going to be on with Xiumin. The chat says Xiumin 'isn't much', and that they could easily go up against the EXO member and bring up that Xiumin is 28 years old.

However, most of the hate in the chatroom is directed toward Park Ji Hoon, picking at his looks such as his height, his dancing ability, and his personality. The fans call him fake and sly, and say Park Ji Hoon fans are being fooled by his front. Some of the fans claim they will attack Park Ji Hoon fans at Wanna One's debut showcase because of how much they hate them.

After the revelations, both EXO fans and Park Ji Hoon fans are furious at the situation and are demanding an apology from the certain Kang Daniel fans that were in the chatroom. There is also a call to reveal the members of the chatroom so they can publicly apologize, and the twitter tag is trending #1 in Korea.

What do you think of the situation?

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