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Posted by mkim93 Sunday, July 16, 2017

Check out Samuel Kim's adorable reaction after he accidentally slaps one of his fans during his fan meeting

Samuel Kim
On July 16, Samuel Kim held a solo fan meeting at the apm mall in Hong Kong where he had a chance to dance with one of his fans.

During the dance collaboration, Samuel Kim accidentally slapped the fan in the face in which he quickly went to her aid by apologizing and giving her a hug. Even though the slap was accidental and not too major, it appeared as he was extremely sorry and embarrassed at the same time. The fan smiled and assured him that she was fine. The crowd exploded when he hugged the fan and social media went into a frenzy after the moment.

Another angle

Fans across the world reacted in a positive way to the envious moment, "Did that girl save the world in her past life? She's so lucky", "They're so cute", "Samuel is the best...waiting for the moment", "Can he slap me in the face too? hahaha", and much more.

During the fan meeting, he showed more of his dance moves for the fans. Both Samuel Kim and the fans thoroughly enjoyed the whole fan meeting. Check out the clip below where he performs "Get Ugly"!

Full stream from apm's Facebook page:

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