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10 Unfortunate Incidents of Blackface in Korea

By AllK_Maknae   Friday, July 7, 2017   364,912   1,758   1
10 Unfortunate Incidents of Blackface in Korea
Get ready for a touchy subject! Blackface for entertainment is not acceptable. Unfortunately, some Korean's don't know the history behind it and find it funny or view it as a joke. As Hallyu becomes more popular and spreads internationally, Koreans need to stay woke and become more aware of things that are culturally offensive. Check out these moments where international fans were shocked with blackface.



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Nakuya Monday, July 10, 2017

GJ Allkpop. It's a bloody riot down in the comments thanks to this article. *slow clap*

toritori Nakuya Monday, July 10, 2017

Not All Kpop's problem xD you guys are choosing to riot on your own lol as usual

KoShinwon toritori Monday, July 10, 2017

Riots don't start in the comments of an article without there being a problem in the article itself.

toritori KoShinwon Tuesday, July 11, 2017

There's nothing at all wrong with the article tho. On one hand, Most black people or rather some, want other cultures to understand why black face is bad or offensive to them, So Allkpop is bringing up the topic. On another hand, they're just showing us pictures we've ALREADY SEEN over the years if you've been into kpop that long. Especially with how triggered some people are getting over something as simple as an Idol having dreadlocks. So this kind of Topic would have and needed to have come up sooner or later. If people start rioting in the comments it's their own problem and their own doing because either people fail to educate themselves properly on something that affects a large majority of people in the world because they simply just don't care.. or some people are just being overly sensitive. And not to mention no one is making you come to Allkpop's website nor read their content so I mean LEL xD

blackkpopfan2 Monday, July 10, 2017

I am a black person who is into the Korean culture. I will say that sometimes, it is not easy being black and into the Korean culture. however, a lot of blacks do get upset when incidents like this occur. In my opinion, only 2 out of those 10 were what i considered "offensive". it is no secret that many Korean entertainers(especially artists),  look up to the black culture. That is something to be proud of. For a race that is hated by almost everyone, it means a lot for someone to look up to us. On the other hand, i do agree that some Koreans take it too far. It's ok to use our music for inspiration, it's okay to wear dreads, but if one does it in a way that is mocking or in any way degrading, than that is when it becomes a problem. I feel like blacks need to stop being so sensitive when it comes to stuff like this. The reality is, there are other people in this world that hates us enough to hurt us. I personally feel like Koreans are not as racist as many people believe. the lack of knowledge for  black history, and the fact that South Korea is quite whitewashed is the main reason for these misunderstandings. Again this is just my opinion as a black fan.

Briellejea blackkpopfan2 Monday, July 10, 2017

Most of the time black kpop fans will point out when idols do something insensitive, like blackface, or mocking black accents, hoping that these artist will try to understand why it can be hurtful. But hundreds of fans, like yourself, will shield them making those black fans feel like their issues dont matter. So instead of taking a chance to teach these idols, you say, " its because they look up to us, they dont know/understand". I agree some people can be a bit sensitive and want tp jump on the hate train but can people stop acting like all Korean idols are babies.

KoShinwon Briellejea Monday, July 10, 2017

You can't blame someone for not knowing something. That's just illogical. Especially since racism and social/racial stigma is not something as highlighted in countries outside of America (which many forget) and so it makes sense for a Korean person not to know that they're being problematic or whatever. We aren't acting like they're babies, we're acknowledging the fact that they literally don't know and have never needed to know so far in their lives. blackkpopfan2 had some pretty valid points, but you say they're dismissing and making it harder for other black fans, like it doesn't matter what they say because they don't agree with your own sentiment. Every time an idol does something not even racist you have 5 million people with their asses on fire either "teaching" or screaming at the idols - I don't think it makes a difference if one or three people don't.

Briellejea KoShinwon Monday, July 10, 2017

So i shouldn't expect anyone from nonwestern countries to know that blackface is wrong? "It makes sense for them not to know theyre being problematic", okay then they will get called out for that behavior. This is what i mean by treating them like babies, because why is it suddenly impossible for them to know about this sort of racism. They understood when tmz mocked exid and when that kid slanted his eyes in the background of infinity challenge. I guess it doesn't go both ways. If an idol does something racist they need to get thier ass flamed, so that they or others dont do it again. Those are the situations im talking about.

blackkpopfan2 Briellejea Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I agree 100 percent with you. I'm not saying that racist things that Korean idols do should be dismissed, but what i am saying is that some people really don't understand when an idol is being racist, or just totally confused.

emyB Monday, July 10, 2017

stop saying this is an incident because it's absolutely not

xDanii Sunday, July 9, 2017


annaha0618 Sunday, July 9, 2017

i dont understand why koreans find this as entertainment

Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

People are really defending blackface in these comments and you can tell they haven't done ANY research as to why people find blackface in all shapes and forms offensive. BLACK PEOPLE DON'T THINK IT'S FUNNY OR OKAY. There are those that say "I'm black but I'm not offended by this." Okay good for you they're literally mocking your history and making a joke out of it, but since you're not offended and black, it's okay. I'm not saying be mad at it but at least educate people as to why it's not okay. I go to probably the most racist Highschool in Georgia, USA and during school black people are literally mocked alllll daayyy long. It seems like everytime one of these Korean stars apologize, the only people  accepting the apology are the people that couldn't have cared less if what the star did was racist or not. If a Korean did blackface and offended black people, why would they be apologizing to you if you didn't even get offended? You accepting it means nothing yet so much at the same time. The stars think okay well most of them forgave me and accepted my apology so everything is okay now. But literally the people that were affected by it had no say bc only like 10 fans thought what happened was wrong and the rest of the fans were so blinded by their love for the star they accepted the apology without thought. Everyone makes mistakes but you can't keep defending these people by saying "they didn't know what they were doing, they don't know what's offensive" bc at this point that is a lie considering the numerous amounts of times this has happened. All these famous groups of people in Korea have to have people working for them that can think "oh, maybe pretending to be black person isn't the best idea." The Internet is readily available. These people should have learned from past mistakes of other stars, but no. Also if you're not black you have no say in what shouldn't be offensive to black people. All I've seen is "Well the Kanye filter wasn't offensive" if it was a normal face swap then sure, but why would he celebrate the year of the MONKEY a face swap with a BLACK MAN? don't a act like you don't see the problem there. Wearing blackface for cosplay is just as bad as wearing blackface for halloween IT'S NOT OKAY BECAUSE IT IS MOCKING THE HISTORY OF BLACK PEOPLE STRUGGLES (in American/European history)

L_catzzz Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

1) "People are really defending blackface" --> It's actually because some of them in the list weren't even blackface. 2) "they haven't done ANY research as to why people find blackface in all shapes and forms offensive" --> I don't know about the others in the comment section, but some of them (including me) indeed did the research and we still don't find some these offensive. There's even other people in the comment section who are black that also didn't find this offensive because they are well aware that the "context" that (some) of these acts weren't even aiming to make fun of or dehumanizing or mocking or degrading black people (so it doesn't mean those black people are mocking their history and making a joke out of it). Some are even just a completely due to misunderstanding, like the GD one. The reason why some people find this offensive is because blackface is considered as racism. But, then again we don't even have to be black to know what racism is as a lot of us experienced racism too in many shapes and forms. So, we are well aware of what is being racist and what is not, what is degrading/dehumanizing and what is not as well. 3) "but you can't keep defending these people by saying "they didn't know what they were doing, they don't know what's offensive" --> because some of them really didn't know what they did is offensive (since some of it wasn't really offensive at all but just simply being taken out of context, or that the act comes out of pure ignorance). That's why like u just said urself, "I'm not saying be mad at it but at least educate people as to why it's not okay."--> This is what some of the forgiving fans did.

L_catzzz Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

Continuing my point no3, "bc at this point that is a lie considering the numerous amounts of times this has happened"--> tbh, i've thought that too especially the medias. But still, I wouldn't surprise to see that many of them are still ignorant about it. Many koreans still think that black people only comes from Africa. So what more can you expect from them to find what is offensive or what is not to black people (I didn't say racism didn't happen there bcoz it indeed happen, but again some of these acts came out from ignorance). Their internet weren't even used to search stuffs like "Black Lives Matters" or something like that because it doesn't relate to them. They are in homogeneous country with a population of 96% being koreans and most of their news are related to koreans only. 4) "Also if you're not black you have no say in what shouldn't be offensive to black people" --> Again my point from no. 2. 5) "Well the Kanye filter wasn't offensive" if it was a normal face swap then sure, but why would he celebrate the year of the MONKEY a face swap with a BLACK MAN?" --> Bcoz he is indeed just use the faceapp filter that was already available in the application. During around the same moment he used Kanye filter, Taeyang also used other celebrities faceapp including TOP. He said "Happy New Year, Doomdada, Divida Dadoomdada Divida..". So does that mean he is being "racist" to TOP simply bcoz he used TOP filter to celebrate the year of the MONKEY? Ofc not right. I mean it's just logic. U don't have to be someone else to see it being offensive or not.

chirel Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

Honestly the bulk of the people here are racist brick walls with internet access. I'm waiting for their reactions when the shoe is on the other foot.

BigBlueagain Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

Here's an idea, if you take offense, don't support it, look at it, or listen to it. Because bullying people who are NOT being racist is doing nothing but making you look the fool. ESPECIALLY when you are attacking them for YOUR sub-culture and not even trying to take their culture into consideration. IF it is being done in a mocking way or maliciously, then yes, it is racist and needs to be attacked as such. IF it isn't, you need to get the fuck over yourself and quit crying racist where there isn't any. You're starting to piss off those of us who fight REAL racism.

BigBlueagain Sunday, July 9, 2017

I've posted this story before but it looks like I'm going to have to teach some of you what context is... again. Short version: I'm in a wheelchair. I met an old lady that lives in this complex (we'll call her Ms. Turtle) who, when meeting me for the first time, responded to my "how are you doing" with "I'm still walking". Now, if I were some weakassed PC buthurt professional victim, I would have gone with my first impression and hated her for being a bigot against the disabled. I'm not though, so I found out that a few years before I moved in there, she'd broken her hip. Everyone thought she'd end up in a home, but she got most of her mobility back and was proud of that. So, to let everyone know that she was ok, when people ask her how she's doing... "I'm still walking". Now I just ask her if she wants to race. People who automatically assume that all cosplay, tributes and homage are racist blackface are those who are too stupid to take that step back and insert context. LEARN IT!

Cinooa12 BigBlueagain Sunday, July 9, 2017

Context doesn't excuse the use of blackface. Just bc they were dressing up as a black character to cosplay doesn't make it ok. Black face was used to make people believe that black people are the inferior race. People would literally pay to watch shows were white people would paint themselves black to mimic black stereotypes. White people wanted to dehumanize black people more than they already were considering black people were still slaves at this time. So in using your logic, 'context', it was ok for the white people to paint themselves black because they were paying a tribute to the African American stereotypes??

whdgusl Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

But applying context, a lot of the (I won't say all or most because I'm unfamiliar with a few of the given examples) mentioned examples shown in this post did not aim to degrade African Americans or those with darker skin.

BigBlueagain Cinooa12 Sunday, July 9, 2017

You choose that. I choose to be more intelligent and less of a slave to concept about it. And no, the context made it wrong. Just as the context of someone cosplaying Nick Fury makes it not only NOT racist, but a compliment. If you're going to be too hate filled and blind to understand this, I'm not smart enough to explain it to you.

KoShinwon Saturday, July 8, 2017

Look, I did 5 minutes of research and found that a few of these aren't even blackface or at least aren't that offensive. Why couldn't you, akp? Stop spreading shit, stop dragging people, and stop creating ridiculous articles like these made especially to, for lack of a better expression, paint some very hardworking artists in the wrong light just for kicks. Yes, it gets views, but half those views are gonna think you're an asshole and the other half are gonna be very misled. This is why akp has a bad reputation.

BigBlueagain KoShinwon Sunday, July 9, 2017

actually, read some of the comments. They're just looking for an excuse to hate. They don't even care about the context.

kfatv Saturday, July 8, 2017

dear black people,remember that you are NOT white or Asian and that you should deal with these things with knowledge of your culture!black face is like a crime so this is in all ways disgusting and the people who thinks this is funny needs to be transported to the early 1900s in america where they are black people and non blacks are making fun of them.this is not okay.

Rock30815 kfatv Saturday, July 8, 2017

I'm black. Races aren't organized groups. Just because some feel insulted, offended and hurt, doesn't mean we all have to. Not to mention, if you live your life holding on to such victimization, there will never be change. No matter how much progress is made, you'll continue to feel oppressed.

kfatv Rock30815 Saturday, July 8, 2017

im not saying you have to be offended im saying that you should give the people a clear understanding of what this type of thing could result in.

Rock30815 kfatv Saturday, July 8, 2017

That's the thing though. I get where you're coming from. But you have to realize that nobody, society, no other race, no other group owes you or us, or any other race a sense of understanding and acceptance. If they choose to give it of their own volition, that's great. But I think too many people, not just this generation, but going back generations, hold on to this sense of entitlement as if the world owes us their sympathy. They don't. So the most we can do is state our case and bounce. Go on happy and keep around you those who love and accept you the way you are. I warn you, with affection of course, don't get suckered in with today's trend of being offended for others. Even if you do feel that empathy, because you're a great person, don't counterattack on the behalf of others unless they ask you to, or lack the means to defend themselves. Sorry if this comes off preachy.

4ever_VIP Rock30815 Saturday, July 8, 2017

I really love your comment, that's the attitude people, ANY and ALL people should have about their race and their culture, be proud and confident, black people have a painful past but they have the more conquests, they have prove to be strong and brave to overcome and overthrown all that s*it and even though there's some remaining I'm sure that someday things will change. I've experienced "discrimination" in my life and they come of 2 kinds, those who mistreat you and those who pity you, and I actually hate the second more because they feel they are "above" you or that they are "superior" to you so they show you "mercy" and that's disgusting, but I guess I come out as insensitive when I try to argue that fact

Hidden_KRD_Kiri Saturday, July 8, 2017

As a brown tone individual, I should probably find most of these pics if not all to be quite offensive or have me completely triggered...however I do not allow cosplay, brownface, blackface or whatever kind of makeup for that matter get me down or allow me to feel like I'm inferior inside and should suddenly be insecure because there are many of people who have brown tone skin in the world and not everyone is going to get offended when they see things Korean entertainers do things like this. A part of me feels like the western world might be a little more offended from Koreans doing it because racism in the west is still held as a major issue especially within white mainstream media like just the slightest image can set off a chain of very negative events. Viewing the pics above however the only image I thought was quite terrible was the bubble sisters who never even got a debut...I mean that alone speaks for itself, but was I offended? No because I am confident in my own skin already and I am not going to let these images effect the way I feel about myself, it's just a picture. Put it this way... If you are a person of color and you have a problem seeing Koreans use brownface as an expression especially without any type of indication of why they may have done it in the first place, then maybe it is you who need to evaluate yourself in the mirror and not necessarily check the person who is in the brown or blackface? If you are already confident in who you are and your skin why are these images even bothering you? If you are not confident in your own skin, then find out the reason why that maybe and see what you can do to fix it. Colorism can be a very nasty issue but not everyone is necessarily making fun of poc when images like this are done. Analyze the subject before attacking or judging idol groups, Korean comedians or other entertainers because it might not actually be their intent to insult someone's culture or race, but rather show embrace &/or appreciation. With so many stereotypes out there certain things can be taken out of context very easily, but don't be so quick to get offended without the root of reason.

BigBlueagain Hidden_KRD_Kiri Sunday, July 9, 2017

THANK YOU!!! I've been saying something similar but I've been attacked and downvoted because I'm not "black enough" to have an opinion.

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