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Fans disappointed at Moonbin for his insensitive comments about ASTRO's contract termination in 5 years

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Fans are disappointed and some are evening turning their backs after Moonbin made an insensitive comment about ASTRO.

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During Naver 'V' Live broadcast on June 14, the members jokingly said they're now a group of 5 because Rocky is going to promote solo with his nickname Rocky Swag. Rocky played along and asked fellow member MJ when he's going to make a solo comeback with his nickname. MJ responded that it'll be ready in about 5 years. 

The issue arose here when Moonbin suddenly commented, "5 years? Aren't we over in 5 years?"

The members looked greatly shocked by Moonbin's comment. Jinjin asked, "What? Why are we over?" Moonbin continued, "I mean, you know, technically we are over", implying how the group's contract with Fantagio is coming to an end in 5 years. 

Other members looked surprised and asked, "Why are we technically over..? How do you know..?''

Fans also expressed shock and disappointment toward Moonbin's insensitive comment. One fan commented, "Moonbin... you always said you want it to last forever and want to be in ASTRO again even if you are reborn but I was so shocked TTTT I don't know if something happened that made you say things like that but I don't think it's right for you to express it like that when there are fans.."

Netizens agreed and commented, "I can understand why the fans are upset..", "He shouldn't have said it like that even if it's the truth. It makes it look like they're all just business", "He was too honest", "Why did he say they're over. Does he not want to renew the contract as a group?", "Aigoo, the fans must be hurt."

You can watch Moobin's controversial comment and the members' reactions starting at 3:00 in the clip below. 

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