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DinDin and Super Junior's Heechul to possibly replace Kyuhyun on 'Radio Star'

By elliefilet   Wednesday, May 31, 2017   28,293   4,154   0



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DinDin and Super Junior's Heechul are two of the names being discussed in reports about Kyuhyun's replacement on MBC's 'Radio Star'.

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After 6 years, Kyuhyun has officially left the host panel on 'Radio Star' to start up his mandatory military service, and the show is currently searching for candidates to fill the sought-after MC spot. DinDin, Heechul, and Shin Jung Hwan are reported to be the strongest contenders to fill the position, but producers haven't given any official word.

Who do you think would be most fit to take Kyuhyun's place?
  1. Heechul
  2. Kyuhyun
  3. DinDin
  4. radio star

angelica_lin Saturday, June 3, 2017

As Heechul has said: I will never attend RS LOL. (Even though he went on the show a couple times afterwards) I don't think Heechul will take the position if they ask him.

noraini_zainal_a Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why RS don't just let the 3 mcs doing the job. And leave the spot empty for two years. It's not like they lack of anything. They had 3 and 5 mcs at one time before. Whether 3,4 or 5 mcs doesn't effect the show anyway.

kimmiefonze Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I would love for Heechul to take the spot since I'm and ELF and he's proven to be great at being an MC, but he already has a lot of high energy shows and Super Junior will be returning to full idol form this October, so I'd rather let this pass. But it would be nice for him to read Gura every week lol!

sehyunkimm Wednesday, May 31, 2017

omg i want heechul back AHAHAHAH

SpringxTempo Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I don't think Heechul will take the position because he's already done the show already, and also he's doing KB which is already a similar "diss concept". It'd be nice to see Shin Junghwan back again but since he's been gone for so long i wonder how well he will be able to adjust to varieties now. If that doesn't work out, i really love the idea of having Dindin. He's super funny, never fails to make me smile.

runner_4ever Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DinDin one of the strongest contenders??? Great. Now Radio Star PD just need to choose him ;D Ofc I wouldn't mind Heechul as new/old RS MC, but DinDin..... i just think he would fit well with other MCs ;)

cadanica Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I'm worried that Heechul will be overworked. He already does so much and he's great at what he does but I don't want him to be overwhelmed. :(

LadyVampAsia Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Though, Heechul was the MC before Kyuhyun and would seem like a great fit, he's so busy now I don't want to wear the poor man out. Plus, Heechul's kind of soft hearted if you really observe him. On Knowing Brothers the theme of for the guest and MCs to act like friends and tease each other. Radio star tends to be one sided, so it can come off mean sometimes. Heechul already left one show because he didn't like being mean to people and spilling their secrets. So, IDK.., I'll cheer for him if he's chosen no matter what. DinDin seems like a fun choice though.

Max_South LadyVampAsia Wednesday, May 31, 2017

But is not Hee-Chul kind of famous for being not super sharp and witty in general, but also for being sharp-tongued? I thought he was fine in this show in the old timed when he was host. The main issue, though is that he is already busy with like six TV programs so it would not make really possible to make any more. Besides, if Super Junior will return to the stage this year, they might go to tour with dozens of dates and he will not even be in Korea at all to host the show. Will this Radio Star have to find a replacement for him for a few months anyway?

hiroonakamura Wednesday, May 31, 2017

heechul couldnt handle this kind of role for too long when he was on ssuljeon and said he didnt like it. So i think he wont join radio star.DinDin is a hilarious guy but i wonder how he'd work at radio star where you are supposed to be a bit "evil" when interviewing people? he's too much of a nice guy

thepetals hiroonakamura Wednesday, May 31, 2017

RS and ssuljeon having different concept. he dont like ssuljeon coz he need to talk or comment about other based on the current hot topic, and being connection king, people expecting him on his opinion on what happen which he dont like cz he need to dissing/commet about his own friend. RS is more on savage mode to the guess which perfect him so much.. Hee is not that nice. hee is SAVAGE AF especially on KB.. hahahaha..

NORM Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I feel like they shouldnt give the spot to heechul, he's already a great mc on multiple shows, plus its a temp position so they cud give someone new a chance :)

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