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Posted by AllK_Maknae18 pts Sunday, April 9, 2017

[Album Review] Dok2 - 'Reborn'


The South Korean rapper and co-CEO of Illionaire Records, Dok2, is back and ready to destroy the stage with his brand new rap album 'Reborn.' The full studio album, released in time to celebrate his birthday, features a lot of amazing artists and tracks produced by award winning producer team Groovy Room, which left fans with high anticipation and expectations. 

The 'Reborn' album is filled with some amazing tracks but unfortunately, features no MV for the songs. Despite that, the album still maintains some strength on its own and really charms over fans of the rap genre. 

Dok2's opening/promotional song "Reborn" is quite suspenseful and thrilling. It opens up with spine-shivering violins, a deep and dark piano/organ melody and he clears his throat before breaking out into a sick rap. His flow is steady, stable and free of any errors. 

Dok2 has mastered the beat and doesn't scream/talk-rap or overdue his style while rapping. The instrumental compliments his voice quite well as he effortlessly and calmly raps his ill lyrics to the rhythm. Fans can also appreciate his uncanny ability to comfortably switch between Korean and English when rapping.

The album continues with a plethora of unique tracks, featuring familiar artists like The Quiett, Jay Park, SuperBee and even Lee Hi. 

A few tracks really stand out from the rest of the album and I feel fans can't resist talking about these specific tracks. "Rollercoaster" is one smooth, uplifting beat that features Jowon Son. Jowon's sweet, airy vocals during the chorus makes this song a real easy listen. Next to Dok2's speed rapping, the song carries an interesting change in tempos as it balances between energetic and fast paced to mellow and chill.

"Hiphop Lover" is another chill song that has a real old-school hiphop vibe. Like something you'd hear on the block, "Hiphop Lover" contains a simple but addicting piano melody alongside a mid-tempo instrumental. Dok2 continues to switch between English and Korean as he raps and showcases his thought-provoking lyrics. 

The only thing that might turn off some fans is that Dok2 seems to be obsessed with showing off his status in his raps. Most rappers tend to showcase their riches, fame and life hardships but Dok2 seems a bit over the top with it from time to time.

The lengthy album continues to impress with tracks "In My Whip" and "On and On." "In My Whip" has a real modern rap sound with a synthetic, groovy instrumental that really captures the listeners' attention quickly. The flow is unstoppable as the song bounces between rappers Dok2, SuperBee, The Quiett and Jay Park effortlessly.

If you're looking for the best collaboration in the rap game, without a doubt "In My Whip" was made to pander to today's fans and impress the rest. The songs instrumental isn't distracting like most boy group's rap songs nowadays and leaves the track clean and clear for the rappers to project their vocals, lyrics and overall message while rapping. Jay Park does add a real charming R&B element to this track as he elegantly ad-libs throughout the track during his rap.

"On and On" is a really enjoyable track as it has a chill vibe and seems very carefree. International fans will absolutely love the amount of English found in this song. Lee Hi's husky and tough voice creates a tasteful sound that really steps Dok2's game up. Whoever thought of combining these two beautiful voices has a real sense for music. 

The instrumental is synthetic, jazzy and enticing as Dok2 carries over his familiar rap style and Lee Hi continues to amplify the track with a soulful flavor. The chorus "I just wanna do whatever I want, I just wanna chill whenever I want" and "Time goes on and on" is addictive and you will catch yourself singing it in no time.

The rest of the album features the various unique rap styles from Dok2 as he explores the various genres of rap through the various features and experimental Groovy Room instrumentals that can be found on his album. 

Overall, Dok2 proves he isn't just spitting out B.S. or cliches like some of today's rappers and keeps to his character in this total ear candy album. Hopefully, this reborn Dok2 stays this way for good. I like Dok2 with substance, not the MMG style, "look at me I got money" he's been doing for some years. This is the Dok2 that's really ill, do more of this, please! If you're looking for a long album for a day to cruise around in your car, pop in Dok2's 'Reborn' and get ready to be taken away.






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