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miss A's Min and G.Soul to leave JYP Entertainment?

By yckim124   Wednesday, March 8, 2017   106,528   6,702   0



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It appears JYP Entertainment's contract with miss A's Min and G.Soul are coming to an end. 

According to OSEN on March 8, Min's contract with JYPE is scheduled to expire next month in April. The contract with G.Soul is also expected come to an end shortly in June. Despite the impending contract deadlines, JYP Entertainment has not spoken up about a renewal with either of the singers. 

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Min and G.Soul have long been part of JYP Entertainment. G.Soul is one of the stars who survived the longest training period under the label. He started training after his appearance on SBS '99% Challenge Project' in 2001 and finally made his debut in 2015. Min has also received training under JYPE since she was in the 6th grade. 

However, insiders believe that both stars will most likely leave the label with no contract renewal. Meanwhile, JYPE recently confirmed the breakup of Min and G.Soul. 

If both Min and G.Soul depart from JYP Entertainment, which label would be a good fit for them?

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melodysaranghae Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wow he trained for so long...... Min actually reminds me of Minzy haha. Maybe they'll both sign in small companies?

Brain_Rapist Thursday, March 9, 2017

Min was wasted, I liked what she did in entertainment but they didnt give her much opportunities

violet935 Brain_Rapist Thursday, March 9, 2017

It was worse for Jia but yes Min and Jia's talents were wasted.

_CLeO Thursday, March 9, 2017

Min, leave JYP while you have the chance to do it, it doesn't seem like JYP has got any plans for you  anyway (c'mon Suzy is massively popular and solo, Fei is solo).

ilikeJB Thursday, March 9, 2017

Go to Tablo's label!!!

jypnloves Thursday, March 9, 2017

i don't want them to leave but their talent seems to be rotting in jype dungeon...if it make it better for them i will support them whatever their decision is...

ilikeJB jypnloves Thursday, March 9, 2017

Uh G Soul had been producing and voice coaching NCT with Producer Marz last year. Recently he featured with Tablo and Code Kunst. Min is currently in a musical. They aren't actually in a dungeon, they are out there working.

SunLightWorld Thursday, March 9, 2017

How about Around Us Entertainment?

mb130 Thursday, March 9, 2017

RIP miss A!! :( i don't even feel sad for Suzy, i know she is doing very well but I feel very sad for the other members. JYP always had them under the shadow of Suzy. I don't blame Suzy tho, i blame the fucking company. It's a pity that miss A ended like this, not even a goodbye comeback. Anyway, i'll miss them so much! they used to have really good songs, some of the best songs for girl groups.

SunLightWorld mb130 Thursday, March 9, 2017

RIP miss A. So only left miss Fei and miss Suzy?

karebearsays Thursday, March 9, 2017

yeaah, I have a feeling Min's not going to renew. They haven't had a comeback since early 2015, Jia already left, Fei's solo flopped, Suzy, although the album and the title song was a flop, the pre-release was a hit, also JYP already replaced the Miss A picture with Suzy's picture, the same thing they did just before Wondergirls disbanded. So signing with a new company would 100% be the best choice for her.

lovelynnnnnn Thursday, March 9, 2017

And that's how Miss A disbands. None of the other girls got any attention. Everyone was law key except for Suzy who is the most active. And 15 years of training and yet we havent heard a thing from the guy in forever?! Maaaaateeee! JYP needs to step up their promotion game on all their artists.

kefira14 lovelynnnnnn Thursday, March 9, 2017

He's to busy milking Twice

jlaysone Thursday, March 9, 2017

Uhm, I don't care..  Sad for JYP fans . XD

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